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Here's the Food Tips That Will Give You Sleep at Night

To maintain human fitness in its activities need to rest or sleep every day. Sleep with good quality plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. But if insomnia often attacks so that humans can not easily close their eyes every night.According to For that do not worry there is a way to prevent insomnia disorders that can easily treat, as long as diligently consume this food every day.

1. Sweet potatoes
Not only high complex carbohydrates, potatoes are also rich in potassium that can make the muscles relax and sleep soundly.

2. Milk
Drinking a glass of warm milk is a good way to make sleep more soundly.The reason is milk is rich in calcium that helps the brain stimulate the production of the hormone melatonin.

3. Chocolate
Consumption of chocolate is useful to make the body and mind so relaxed.because high chocolate will be healthy nutrition that serves to stimulate the hormone serotonin in the body. To be healthier, choose dark chocolate that will lower the suga…

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Every human has a kidney, the number is a pair that is located on the left and right side of the body. How important it is for us to maintain kidney health so that this one organ can work optimally and be free from all kidney diseases. Why is it so important to maintain kidney health, let us look at how the kidneys work and their functions for our health quoted from .

The kidneys are located along the muscular wall of the back (posterior muscle) of the abdominal cavity. The shape of the kidney is similar to a nut that is about the size of a fist, about 12 centimeters long and 6 centimeters wide.

Just like other organs, kidneys play an important role in the human body. The main function of the kidney is to filter out waste (waste) in the body, both from food, drugs, and toxic substances.

The kidneys filter 200 liters of blood every day. Of the many blood that is filtered, there are 2 liters of waste that must be removed through urine. For this reason, the k…

Tips To Prevent Sudden Infant Death (SIDS)

For moms need to be aware of the baby's sleep, because babies who sleep on their stomachs and supine have an impact. Most parents put their babies to sleep, either normal or premature with their stomach or sideways position. Even worse, at least premature babies are applying a safe sleeping position. In fact, premature babies risk of experiencing SIDS is greater than babies born large enough. Babies born prematurely or babies born enough months but born with low weight (LBW) at risk of 50% greater experience of SIDS.
 The high risk of premature infants experiencing SIDS because the entire system of organs, especially the lungs, has not reached the stage of maturation is sufficient so not ready to support life outside the womb ibu.Menurut child pediatrician Dr. Pujiati Abas SpA: "Babies with such conditions are very It is recommended to check regularly to the pediatrician to monitor the development of the function of the organs, "he said. Quoted from Thea…

Did You Know, Eat To Know Can Prevent Early Menopause

It is natural for women that in addition to giving birth to a woman will also experience a monopouse.Menopause is a normal condition that will be experienced by all women at certain ages in line with increasing age, and this is not a disease or medical disorder.

Menopause can be said a period of the end of the menstrual cycle in women, along with the aging process then all women will experience the name menopause.The condition of menopause when the ovary function of a woman stops. Ovaries or ovaries are part of the female reproductive gland.
Generally, the age of women entering menopause is around 51 years. Although it can not be ascertained when a woman enters menopause. Most menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but menopause can occur early as about 40 years, or it may be longer in women in their 60s. To remember menopause is a normal and natural thing. But there are women who turn out to experience early menopause. Menopause that occurs at age 40 and below is referre…

What is Consumer Based Health Care

What is Consumer Based Health Care

Not everyone will always be healthy, at one time he will experience pain. And this healing requires a large or small cost, depending on the pain is severe or not.
With the existence of health insurance at least people will not be burdened anymore which is so heavy about the cost.

Increased health care costs have made better quality medical facilities out of reach of many people in the United States. Plus, rising health insurance premiums exacerbate the health care crisis. Because most employees are protected by employers who are given health insurance, an increase in the cost of health insurance also has a negative effect on the labor market.

Health care reform is not expected to solve all problems. In recent years, consumer-driven health care has quickly gained significance, and some people see this approach as one solution to resolving the health care crisis.

Consumer-driven health care is an insurance and health management system that gives consumers m…

Here Are Some Benefits of Mango Fruit for Pregnant Women

Young pregnant women are very vulnerable therefore need special attention. To prevent the risk of being very fatal for the fetus in the womb.

One that needs to be considered is healthy food intake, because healthy food intake is very necessary to prevent miscarriage. The disorder that often occurs in young pregnant women or in the first trimester is nausea, vomiting to loss of appetite.

Therefore, in the first trimester of pregnancy, special attention is needed to meet the intake of vitamins and minerals so that the fetus in the womb can develop properly.

Fruits are very good for young pregnant women, but not all fruits can be consumed by young pregnant women, one of which is pineapple.

One of the good fruits for young pregnant women is mango

Because mangoes have the nutrients they need during pregnancy. In addition, mangoes can improve digestion. The content of Vitamins A and C in the fruit is needed by pregnant women. Mango fruit can also prevent and overcome symptoms of morning sickness…

Food Tips That Should Be Avoided by Pregnant Women in the First 3 Months

Young pregnant women must be extra careful in caring for their womb, especially in the first 3 months. Because it helps a little in consuming food intake can bring a risk that is fatal to the fetus in the womb. Certainly pregnant women want babies in the womb to grow healthy and without losing obstacles at the time of his birth later.

Below this is, from, dr. Raehanul Bahraen describes, several things that need to be considered, related to food for pregnant women:

1 month only in the first trimerter (first 3 months). This phase is very important because of initial growth and organ formation.
Food needed in this phase is because women are also included in nausea (morning sickness) which is difficult to eat properly.

Food needed in this phase:

junk food like fried food on the side of the road (the oil has been used a lot)
processed food (instant)
foods or drinks that contain excess sugar
foods that can produce excessive hormones such as too spicy, lots of fat and ot…

This Is The Danger Often Plucking Nose Hair and Its Consequences For Pregnant Women

Every human nasal cavity overgrown by fine hair's, its function is to filter the dirty air entering for the respiratory tract to keep clean. If the dirty air entering the chamber is not filtered, then the lungs can result in lung infection.
Because lung's is one of the most important human organs that function as a respirator then we should do well not to disrupt its function for the sake of our health.

This lung's position under the ribs has a very heavy task, especially when we breathe dirty air, examples of air pollution and even cigarette smoke that cause lungs  be contaminated and become dirty.

So what's the danger of plucking that nose hair? . Below are 5 hazards of plucking the nose that have  summarized by namely:

1. Can Result Infections

When removing the nose hair using the hands be cleaned first, because otherwise you can trigger the entry of bacteria and germs into the follicle of the open nose hair.As a result, infection can occur in th…

This is food and drink that can cause nightmares at night

Nightmares usually occur during the day we experience events of strange or frightening events. Strange events during the day can be brought into the night of night ..
However, there are other things that can cause nightmares, namely food and drink as below ,
that is :
Dairy products contain tryptophan which serves as a precursor to the sleep inducing seroton hormone. So, eating cheese before bedtime can trigger nightmares when you are asleep.

It's just that in this study did not say how much cheese that can definitely trigger nightmares when consumed.

2. Ice cream
Eating ice cream before bed can cause the body's metabolism to shift so that in turn can increase brain activity. If ice cream is consumed in conjunction with coffee, tea, and other ingredients, there will be high activity on the brain so that the movement is random. Such movement or activity of the brain tends to produce a bad dream.

Therefore, you should avoid eating ice cream before going to bed.

3. Alcohol

Avoid These 5 Habits That Can Cause Varicose Veins

According to Varicose veins are swelling and dilation of veins that usually occur on the foot due to accumulation of blood. People who suffer from this disease, their veins can also be seen protruding out in blue or purple. Sometimes the shape resembles a knot or a twisted cord.Varicose veins that occur due to blood vessels appear to the surface of the skin can be an unsightly thing to look at. Especially for women. Therefore they avoid the habit that can provoke the emergence of varicose veins like the following example.

1. Crossed legs After Sport RunNot recommended after run and then sit the legs folded or crossed, because it will inhibit blood circulation from foot to pelvis so that the blood will collect foot. This makes the blood vessels dilate and eventually develop into varicose veins.

2. Stand for hoursJobs that require long standing can cause varicose veins, since standing for long periods will make the focus of weight only at one point or place alone. Th…

Men Who Begin Aged, Penis Will Also Be Changed

You may be young, strong, and handsome, but as you age the physical changes are inevitable, including the penile organ.Symbol of manhood is believed to be lost his gallantry when a man getting older. Then what changes happen to the penis when old age? According to urologist Brian Steixner, MD, director of the Institute of Men's Health for the Jersey Urology Group, every man needs to anticipate the possibility of changing their penis.

1. SlackBrian Steixner has done research on some 70-year-old men. The men were asked to walk naked throughout the locker room, the result of their scrotum drooping. The sagging of the penis is due to loss of muscle mass and this is what is called 'Splash Down' syndrome.Thanks to the advancement of aesthetic medicine technology, this condition can be overcome with a procedure of scrotoplasty to tighten back the muscles around the scrotum.2. Penis size changesReduced collagen in the skin also makes shrinkage in the penis. Actually this shrink…

This is the fruit of the Dragon

The Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For HealthHealth Tips ~ There are 2 types of dragon fruit, namely red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit. Red dragon fruit is a dragon fruit whose flesh is red, while white dragon fruit is a dragon fruit with white flesh. Both types of dragon fruit provide good dmpak for our body. The body will become healthy after consuming dragon fruit. Consuming dragon fruit every day can increase endurance from attacks of various diseases.The Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For HealthThe Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For HealthThere are many benefits to the usefulness of dragon fruit for health. Based on research at least not less than 10 benefits dragon fruit ditemukn by health researchers. The more often the dragon fruit consumes it will increasingly provide a good effect for our bodies. But consuming dragon fruit also should not berlebihn. Because something is excessive also the result will not be good.

There are many content and benefits contained in the dragon fruit. Here we …

This is the Result When Urinating While Standing

Urinating or commonly called urine is a human activity in its activity to remove the remnants of the body's metabolism (removing body impurities).Urinating or urinating is a normal and normal thing happens to us.This shows if the system of excretion or metabolism in our kidneys work well. By urinating, the remnants of the toxins from the body will also be removed through the urine, thus, the body will become healthier. In doing this activity so as not to cause inequity in health, we are required to do it right so as not to cause symptoms of symptoms of disease in the future.

Rasulullah Shalallahu 'Alaihi Wa Salam forbids standing piss. And for Muslims who pray, sometimes after coming out of the toilet and want to pray, when ruku 'in prayer we feel something out of the genitals, it is the rest of urine that is not exhausted scattered due to the urine standing is not completed out, this causes Salat is illegitimate because one of the full validity of prayer is c…