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Here are 3 Amazing Destinations From Semarang

For fans of selfie there are some places of interest for those who have a hobby berfoto ria.

In the area of Semarang and surrounding areas, there are currently some places that are popular to become a swafoto event aka selfie.The place is considered unique so interesting if immortalized as a photo background.

There are at least two places that are currently hunted place selfie place especially for teenagers and lain.yaitu:

Kampung Pelangi 

Kampung Pelangi is located in Gunung Brintik area, Semarang City. This place was originally known as a slum and densely populated area. But the "sighting" of this village successfully conjured up with colorful paint so that it becomes interesting.

So interesting, many travelers who come to enjoy the atmosphere there and of course and self-ria. Seeing the development of the city government intends to add support facilities, namely in the form of parking lots and arena of food (foodcourt).

Green Canyon

This is a sand and rock mining area l…

"Hill Selfie" is a cool tourist destination from Wonosobo

The growth of tourist destinations in the mountains with the cool natural air is indeed a necessity of many people. Tours like this will be perfect for those of you who always dabbling in the busyness especially for those who work in big city city with dirty air pollution. 

Nothing wrong with coming to visit the mountain tourism area to the area of ​​Hillside Selfie at the foot of Mount Sumbing.The existence of Selife Hill is located in the Village Ropoh Kepil District, Wonosobo regency, Central Java. Located right on the slopes of Mount Sumbing with the many pine trees make this region has tremendous tourism potential. This selfie hill seems to have been widely known and visited by tourists from various regions ..

If you want to travel on a pine hill, Hill Selfie is a very suitable place, because this selfie hill is a great pine forest landscape of three kilometers. The exoticism of this hill is a long road building stretched with pretty neat pine trees. Why named selfie hill ...…

The Beautiful Hanging Bridge in Timang Beach

Gunung Kidul is one of the districts of Yogyakarta Special Region, and has  government center in Wonosari Sub-district.With an area of ​​about one-third of the size of its parent area, the district is relatively low in population density than other districts.

It is adjacent to Klaten and Sukoharjo regencies in the north, Wonogiri regency in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Bantul and Sleman districts in the west.Most of the district is a hilly and limestone mountain, which is part of the Sewu Mountains.

Gunungkidul is known as a barren area and often experiences drought in the dry season, but it keeps unique historical peculiarities, in addition to tourism, cultural, and culinary potential.If we look at the beach, Gunungkidul has a very wide range of beaches and many new beaches emerging and built by the government and local communities.Like its Beach Pantai, Timang Beach is actually already quite famous among the traveler. 

This famous beach is famous for its cable hang…

Beautiful Seplawan Cave in Purworejo

Indonesia, which consists of thousands of islands has many tourist attractions, both beach tourism, natural beauty tourism and cave tourism. Regarding cave tourism, Purworejo is one of them.
Purworejo has a cave that is very interesting to be used as a tourist attraction, GOA SEPLAWAN.This cave is located in the Menoreh hill which is the border of Purworejo district with the district.Kulon Progo precisely located in the village of Donorejo, Kaligesing district, Purworejo district, Central Java.

If from the center of the Purwoejo cave, the distance is about 20 km and is 700 m above sea level. SEPLAWAN Cave is one of the historical heritage of the past.
This can be proven by the discovery of a 22 carat gold statue that has a height of 9 cm and weighs 2.5 kg on August 15, 1979 found in one corner of the cave

This statue of a statue of a statue is in the form of a pair of men and women holding hands.

Archaeologist experts believe that the statue of this statue is the god Shiva and the…

The Glass Bridge in China is a Recreational Venue

China has works that are very phenomenal to attract domestic and foreign tourists from abroad. The work is in the form of a glass bridge that has no match and which is reserved for pedestrians only. Bridges built between two hills with a depth of 300 meters and 430 meters longin the process has cost $ 3.4 million (Rp45 billion), the bridge is Zhangjiajie, China. The bridge has broken the record 
with a length of 430 meters and a height of 30 

The location is in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China. A traveler can try to pass the longest glass bridge in the world. The bridge has broken the record with a length of 430 meters and a height of 300 meters.
Meanwhile News Australia reported that the number of visitors will be limited to 1,000 people per hour and a maximum of 8,000 people per day. This is done so that visitors do not need to queue too long and more freely walk on the bridge.

">o prove the strength of the glass bridge does not play, they use a hammer to hit the gl…

You Want to See The Biggest Drum in The World ..., Purworejo Place

Hello buddy ... do you know the city of Purworejo? The city is located in Indonesia that is located in central java.Located between the city of Yogyakarta and the west of Kebumen City, and north of the city of Magelang and Wonosobo.

You want to know Purworejo City has the biggest drum in the world and this has not been a match, come and visit the city of Purworejo to prove the biggest drag, my friend would not believe if not prove itself, then come to Purworejo.

Purworejo a small town that is now very old about 1113 years old age has a lot of history that must be excavated not to mention the icon of Islam in the development of Islam in this city Bedug Pendowo famous as Bedug Islam Largest World which up to now still firmly located in Darul Mosque Muttaqien which is located near Purworejo district square.

Bedug Pendowo and Mosque Darul Muttaqien is the history of Islam Cokronagoro I relics which is the first regent in Purworejo which is more familiar with Adipati Cokronagoro I…