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Is it True that Sex Position Determines Baby Gender ...?

Is it true that Sex positions can determine the sex of the baby ...? A question that is very intriguing to everyone, especially for couples who want their desired sex, of course, couples who want a particular sex must be very happy to hear it.

Indeed there are also other ways to obtain the desired sex of the baby, the IVF program. But this IVF program certainly needs to be costly and careful planning in order to obtain the desired results.

It is a cheaper and easier way to get the sex of the baby you want by choosing a sex position. How to get a baby boy or girl as desired is related to the initial fertilization process. This method does not guarantee a success rate of up to 100%, but there's no harm in trying, right?

That the baby's sex is determined by the sperm chromosome which will fertilize the egg. Sperm which will produce male babies is the type of sperm Y. While sperm that will produce a baby girl is sperm X. If Y sperm "wins against" sperm X, then the results o…

Tips for having soft skin

Often when we think of proper nutrition, we tend to think about which foods will help us reach our body weight goals or will help improve heart health, combat cancer, or reduce the risk of stroke. While these are all important factors to be taken into account, people also can not ignore the importance of having healthy skin. What you eat will affect the health of your skin. Which foods will help you have soft, smooth, smooth skin? Here's your line up ...

1. Avocado.
Of all the foods eaten, avocados can be included in the list. These foods are rich in healthy fats, which help keep your skin moist and supple, while also providing potent vitamin E. Vitamin E is a particular antioxidant that will help moisturize your skin even further and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines. and wrinkles. Serve the avocado along with your meal whenever possible. Use enough if you pay attention to your weight.

2. WalnutsThe second good source of healthy fat to promote younger looking skin …