Wake Up Early in the Morning This Is What It Needs To Do

The habit of waking up in the morning is good for our health, because the morning air is still clean plastered around us that is needed by the body, especially in meeting the needs of oxygen. Not only that to keep the body in shape need to do light activities to keep the body vit and to maintain heart health .

Stretch When You Wake Up
After we open our eyes from sleep, it is recommended to stretch slowly. Stretching will relax the muscles so they are ready to move.
When sleeping at night it turns out that not all parts of our body really rest, even when we sleep soundly.

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Being in one position during sleep can actually make the muscles become stiff and tense. The condition of the muscles that are not relaxed can interfere with daily activities and even make the whole day not excited, complete the rest by stretching stiff muscles after a good night's sleep.

Take a few minutes to do light stretches before starting daily activities. Stretching in the morning is also believed to help improve blood circulation and even relieve stress. In a study in Korea, it was said that stretching in the morning can reduce depression and increase montivation in stroke patients in the rehabilitation stage.

Light exercise
As said above that exercise is necessary, but when getting out of bed it is not recommended to exercise immediately but it is necessary to stretch the muscles first before doing sports, because when moving from bed the muscles are still stiff muscles are not ready to perform activities strenuous exercise, if forced to do this it can endanger your body.

Now, if you have stretched your exercise muscles for about ten minutes, this will be enough, because with a light exercise can stimulate the function of the heart will work well and blood circulation can be smooth.

Don't Delay Breakfast
Eating is very important, especially breakfast where our stomach is still empty needs to be filled with nutritious food
Breakfast is actually the most important meal time. Skipping breakfast will only cause health hazards such as sudden spikes in blood sugar, ulcers, or obesity.

For that, try to always have breakfast and don't forget to consume protein in the breakfast menu to improve muscle health.

Drink warm water
Once you wake up, always drink warm water. Water is needed to remove the accumulated toxins and also cleanse the liver.
Stella Metsovas, a nutritionist and health media from Food and Nutrition Sciences said that one way to maintain a healthy body to stay fit is to drink warm water after waking up and on an empty stomach.

Every day, our bodies produce waste that is toxic to the body. These leftover substances in the body make the skin's aging process faster. This warm water will function very well in helping the body detox.
For that, drink warm water regularly after every waking up when your stomach is still empty. For optimal results, add lemon or honey juice.

When to Drink Coffee
Drinking coffee in the morning is indeed beneficial to make the eyes immediately literate and the level of alertness increased. But do not drink it at 8-9 in the morning. Because according to research, at that hour the body will release the hormone cortisol. By drinking coffee, the production of the hormone cortisol becomes excessive and even makes you stressed.

Enjoying coffee in the morning is a habit that everyone has done. Then why drink coffee in the morning is highly recommended? According to experts coffee has the potential effect of triggering morale shortly after waking up. Miraculously coffee gives the effect of "conscious" which makes the eyes wide open. Here coffee quickly shifts drowsiness and easily passes through enthusiastic days.
Source: Merdeka.com and various sources.


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