These everyday habits can unexpectedly nourish our heart

Humans have one important organ in the body, namely the heart.
The heart is a vital part of the human body that has the task of receiving and pumping blood throughout the body. 

Without the heart the circulation of blood circulation will not run. Heart has a size slightly larger than a human fist, which is about 200-425 grams. The location of the heart is between the lungs, in the middle of the chest, precisely in the left back of the breastbone.

To remind the importance of heart health, there is a world heart day which is celebrated every September 29 every year. The whole world commemorates World Heart Day (WHD), this year WHD is commemorated with the promotion of the importance of regular cardiovascular checks for heart health. Cardiovascular disease or heart disease and stroke are the number one cause of death in the world. According to existing data this disease has claimed as many as 17.3 million people each year.

In Indonesia, this disease is still the highest cause of death so that all people need to take a role in preventing high morbidity and mortality. Heart disease is still bad news because it is the number one killer. However, the good news, heart disease is very likely to be prevented. The whole community needs to move together. As the Ministry of Health with health professionals who have formed a national committee to create a long-term heart disease prevention program in order to reduce morbidity and mortality. 

Welcoming this WHD, educational efforts are targeted to make people understand heart disease to know how to deal with victims so that they can be helped quickly. In addition to paying attention to the food we consume, there are many small activities that can be ways to maintain heart health. These activity activities can become good habits that we do .
Based on the source from, here are some habits and ways to maintain heart health that you have never thought of, namely:

1. Breakfast
Morning intake before starting the activity, it is important to do. Eating nutritious food at breakfast helps maintain weight, thus keeping us from the risk of heart disease. You can combine healthy foods from wheat such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread, lean proteins like peanut butter, processed low-fat milk, and vitamins from vegetables and fruits.

2. Brushing teeth
Not only prevents us from cavities and toothaches. Various studies have shown that bacteria that cause dental problems also increase the risk of heart disease. Although meeting

3. Dancing
If you love to dance, whether it's in your room or on the dance floor, then you have also made an effort to maintain heart health. Dancing is a form of areobic exercise, which can increase heart rate, and help the lungs in pumping air activity. Dancing for one hour can burn up to 200 calories.

4. Laugh
Laugh There are many things that can make us laugh, like watching a romantic comedy series, or exchanging jokes with friends. Laughing because of positive things, is not an activity that has no benefits, including for the heart. Laughter that we release, helps reduce stress hormones, reduce inflammation in blood vessels, and even increase levels of good cholesterol in the body.

5. Black Chocolate
Eating dark chocolate It is impossible for us not to like chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Not only delicious, dark chocolate also contains flavonoids, which are heart-healthy plant chemicals. Flavonoids help reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of this organ disease. Eat dark chocolate without overdoing it, to get the benefits of the flavonoids. Also, make sure not to choose chocolate with excessive sweeteners.

6. Clean the house
Routinely Cleaning the House (Shutterstock) There is no longer any reason to be lazy to clean the house. Because, routinely mopping the floor or using a vacuum cleaner when cleaning, still makes the body move, as well as a good way to maintain heart health.
To make it more fun, we can clean the house by setting favorite songs.

7. Recreating
Every now and then, we don't need to go to the gym or the field, just to sweat. We can exercise a little by playing bowling, rollerblading, or playing laser tags. These activities can still burn calories, and provide exercise for the heart.

8. Having sex
Fun activities with this couple, it turned out to be one way to maintain heart health. According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, a lower frequency of sex is closely related to an increase in heart disease.
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