Import of Foreign Chancellor attempts to increase Indonesia's PTN ranking in world class

As we know, public tertiary education in Indonesia is still unable to compete with foreign universities, for example with our neighboring country, Singapore, which is younger than Indonesia, it turns out that Singapore's college which was founded in 1981 has entered the top 50 in the world, because of what? Singapore invites Chancellor from America. Not only Singapore, China and Arabsudi also to advance their higher education also import foreign chancellors.

For this reason, it is necessary to take a leap and not just as usual (business as usual). Problems faced include budgeting and management.

"Because the chancellor from foreign countries has a good network in the world, he hopes to improve higher education in Indonesia. Therefore, we must correct various related regulations, so that later there will be foreign-led universities. it went well, "Nasir told reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday (07/30/2019).

How far are Indonesian state universities compared to foreign universities, below this nukil writer from daily describes the position of the best state universities in Indonesia in the ranking of the world.

The following is a list of 9 Indonesian universities in the WUR ranking (World University Ranking) 2019/2020

1. University of Indonesia (ranked 296th in the world)

2. Gadjah Mada University (ranked 320th in the world)

3. Bandung Institute of Technology (ranked 331rd in the world)

4. Bogor Agricultural Institute (ranked 601-650 world)

5. Airlangga University (ranked 651-700 in the world)

6. Padjadjaran University (ranked 751-800 world)

7. Bina Nusantara University (ranked 801-1000 world)

8. Diponegoro University (ranked 801-1000 world)

9. Surabaya Institute of Technology (ranked 801-1000 world)

Based on the available data, President Jokowi requested that Universities in Indonesia be in the same class as foreign universities, this was explained by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as the author quoted from Kemenristekdikti planned that by 2020 there would be state universities (PTN) the best foreign-led chancellor and in 2024 the number will be increased to five state universities. "We have just mapped, which ones are the most ready, which ones are not yet and which universities we are targeting (the chancellor) are foreign. If there are many, two to five (universities with foreign chancellors) until 2024.

We have to start in 2020, "said Menristekdikti Mohamad Nasir, according to the official release of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (7/26/2019).

According to the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education the steps to recruit foreign chancellors are to increase the ranking of Indonesian universities in the 100 best universities in the world.

1. It's been done naturally

According to the Minister of Research and Technology, importing foreign chancellors in leading public universities or public universities in a country is usually done abroad, especially in European countries, even in Asia such as Singapore also do the same. Higher education in Singapore moves forward because many lecturers and chancellors are foreign. as well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia also do the same thing by hiring foreign lecturers and chancellors.
2. Acceleration of world rankings

Minister Nasir gave an example of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) which was only founded in 1981, but currently has entered the top 50 in the world within 38 years. "I take the example, the country that is closest to us, Singapore. Singapore has NTU, Nanyang Technological University. NTU was founded in 1981. They were under development, I was at that time a discussion with ministers from Singapore, what history was successful. Chancellors from America and some lecturers are big. They are not yet known from the stand, now they can enter the top 50 in the world, "said Minister Nasir.

3. World quality education

Nasir also said that with foreign chancellors and foreign lecturers increasing Indonesia's tertiary ranking, the Indonesian people would be closer to world-quality higher education. The Minister of Research and Technology gave an example of the many Indonesian people who had to go abroad, including NTU to get the best tertiary education. "Because the foreign chancellor and his collaboration in Singapore, (NTU) can bring students from America, Europe, and even Indonesia there," said Nasir.

4. Rank 100 in the world

One of the duties of the foreign chancellor is to improve the quality of PTNs so that the rank of PTN can rise to a higher level. "(We will challenge the foreign chancellor) You can not increase the ranking of this university to become the world's 200 largest. After that it will be reached, the next 150 will be the world. After this the world's top 100. It must be like that," explained the Menristekdikti.

Hopefully the discourse of Menristekdikti to bring in foreign chancellors can be carried out


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