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Tips for Removing Motorcycle Stickers or Cars Safely

The originality of the vehicle can be seen from the facilities available in the vehicle are still intact, and attached to the body such as seats, tanks, handlebar, engines and others including the small ones, which are stickers factory defaults. 

This default sticker will give an idea that the vehicle is producing (Honda, Yamaha, etc.) and what year the vehicle is produced and also the stickers attached to the body will give beauty to the vehicle so it is pleasing to the eye.

But as technology advances there are many sticker stickers on the market, as well as in media media both electronic and newspaper. Through the internet we can track the stickers we want with a charming design.

The appearance of this sticker will shake the motorbike owner to replace the old sticker with a new sticker because he thinks it's more fierce and macho when installed with the new sticker.

Now the problem is here, how to remove the old or default sticker so that when removing the sticker it does not damage…