Tips for Removing Motorcycle Stickers or Cars Safely

The originality of the vehicle can be seen from the facilities available in the vehicle are still intact, and attached to the body such as seats, tanks, handlebar, engines and others including the small ones, which are stickers factory defaults. 

This default sticker will give an idea that the vehicle is producing (Honda, Yamaha, etc.) and what year the vehicle is produced and also the stickers attached to the body will give beauty to the vehicle so it is pleasing to the eye.

But as technology advances there are many sticker stickers on the market, as well as in media media both electronic and newspaper. Through the internet we can track the stickers we want with a charming design.

The appearance of this sticker will shake the motorbike owner to replace the old sticker with a new sticker because he thinks it's more fierce and macho when installed with the new sticker.

Now the problem is here, how to remove the old or default sticker so that when removing the sticker it does not damage the paint from the motor body. Below, the author will ask how to remove the sticker so as not to damage the motorbike paint, the author of www.otomotifo. com

1. First Wet the Sticker

For the process of removing the sticker to be easier, we recommend that you first wet the sticker to be removed. You can use WD-40 liquid which is a cleaning liquid. If you don't have it, you can also use plain water. This is very important so that the stickers are not too sticky and clean the dirt on the sticker to be removed.

2. Heats the Sticker to Be Removed

The second way to remove a motorcycle sticker or striping motor is to heat it up so that later striping is easily removed. You can use a nice match that is moved left or right to heat the sticker. Make sure the distance between the stickers and matches is not too close so as not to make the motor body melt. 

In addition, you can use a hair dryer, but the temperature is not too hot so as not to damage the paint. Hair Dryer is also often used by skotlets to easily remove stickers, so you must try this one.

3. Remove the sticker from the body

After all the stickers or striping are heated, then we slowly pull the sticker that is still sticking until everything is released. To make this process easy, we recommend removing the sticker from the end to the back, so that no part is left behind. 

We guarantee the sticker will be easily released, because it has been heated before. If there are parts that are hard to remove, you can try again heating the sticker with a hair dryer or lighter.

4. Eliminating Scars

Stickers that are removed usually leave remnants of adhesive glue on the surface of the motor body. How to clean it is very simple. You can apply eucalyptus oil then rub using a soft cloth. In our opinion eucalyptus oil is better than using gasoline which later can make the paint wear off. Now after cleaning, then the next step is to collect polishes containing compounds so that the motor body returns smooth.

5. Wash the Motor Clean

The last step is to simply wash the motorbike clean and don't forget to collect cleaning fluid, such as the "Multi-purpose Motor Kit" to polish and protect the entire body of the motorbike. Now the motorbike that has been removed, the sticker looks plain and looks more luxurious. 

Next you are left to determine, whether the motor will be made plain or fitted with decal stickers that will coat the entire body of the motorbike.

Everyone's tastes vary. So don't be surprised if there are some people who are willing to take off the default stickers that are designed to make the bike look more sporty. But unfortunately this often reduces the selling price of the motorbike, because it makes the motorbike not standard anymore. 

That is why you have to think twice before following the way to remove the motorcycle sticker that we conveyed above.

For those who are still hesitant to remove the motorcycle sticker, we recommend choosing to cover the motorbike with a sticker. Although the results are not too perfect, but at least the motor will look plain.

Now that is the Tips for removing stickers on your motorized vehicle that can be done safely, hopefully this info can be useful to the reader.


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