PT. Sido Muncul has now implemented the 4.0 Industrial Revolution

The progress of the world of technology and information is unstoppable in penetrating all fields of activity both in the world of education, marketing, industry and others. All these fields of activity must participate in applying existing technology and information applications, if they don't want to be eradicated in the era. industry 4.0. What is the industrial revolution 4.o?

According to Wikipedia, industry 4.0 is the name of the latest trend in automation and data exchange in factory technology. This term includes cyber-physical systems, the internet for everything, cloud computing, and cognitive computing.

But broadly speaking, the industrial revolution 4.0 is an integration between the world of the internet or online with the business world or production in an industry. That is, all production processes are supported by the internet.

Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto said that the 4.0 industrial revolution was something that could not be avoided, but became a new opportunity, so Indonesia needed to prepare itself.

"So, we need to inform stakeholders that industry 4.0 is not only in sight, but it is already running. Going forward, industrial policy must be aligned with the development of technology," said Minister Airlangga as quoted from

Some domestic industries that are ready to run industry 4.0, according to Airlangga, in the operation process are the cement, petrochemical, automotive, and food and beverage industries.

"Now, the automotive industry has been using robotics in its operation. They have also used the internet of think infrastructure to operate. In the future, the service sector and others can also use data or artificial intelligence," he said.

Airlangga also said, industry 4.0 will also increase productivity, open employment opportunities, and open markets to foreign countries. According to him, the implementation of industry 4.0 will add new jobs that require special skills.

Industrial revolution 4.0 The industrial revolution 4.0 encouraged companies in various sectors to adjust the development of their production and manufacturing. As technology and internet progressed, in April 2018 the government launched the Making Indonesia 4.0 agenda to improve Indonesia's industrial competitiveness.

There are five industrial sectors that become priorities, including the drug and food industries, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the chemical industry, and the textile industry. The traditional medicine industry and herbal medicines which are included in it also concern the government. The Indonesian Ministry of Industry also has strong hopes in the traditional medicine industry through herbal medicine companies whose products have expanded internationally such as Sido Muncul.

This time, PT. Sido Muncul proves its contribution in the Indonesian traditional medicine industry by inaugurating a new expansion of COD. The inauguration of the factory was marked by the signing of an inscription and ribbon cutting by the Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto. The factory, located in Ungaran, Semarang, applies the 4.0 standard in producing herbal medicine to reject wind and rejection.

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The investment fund for the expansion of this new plant reaches Rp 900 billion. Standard COD factory 4.0 Director PT. Sido Muncul, Irwan Hidayat said the purpose of factory expansion with the application of standard 4.0 was to improve the quality of production, avoid human error, and increase production capacity as market demand increased.

An employee who is on duty at the Drug Liquid Factory in Sido Appears on Wednesday (10/24/18) ( Amazia) The COD factory concept is by an automated production process, programmed by a computer system. The production process of the system is closed by sterilizing each incoming material through heating.

Then, to support automatic and closed porches, the Sido COD factory appears equipped with modern measuring instruments, such as a load cell, temperature, pressure, volume, and flow rate sensors. Production is also carried out more efficiently through a multilevel process from top to bottom. In addition, the cleaning system is also environmentally friendly. "Liquid herbal medicine factory already exists and this one is made more modern.

"Following the rules of the BPOM (Drug and Food Supervisory Agency) and the government from production permits, factory environments, and distribution permits," said Irwan at the inauguration of Sido Muncul's Internal Medicine Liquid Plant (COD), on Thursday (10/25/18) in Ungaran, Semarang. Director of PT. Sido Appears Irwan Hidayat with the Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto (center) and Head of BPOM RI Penny K. Lukito (left) after the inauguration of the Inauguration of the Expansion of the New Drug Liquid Factory Sido Muncul, Thursday (10/25/18) in Ungaran, Semarang. (Doc Public Relations Sido Muncul) The new COD factory can produce 200 million sachets per month with a full automatic production process.

Previously, the old COD factory was designed according to the production capacity of 80 million sachets per month. The Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto who also attended the event also said that Sido Muncul already has a certificate on how to make good traditional medicine (CPOTB) and good drug manufacturing methods (CPOB). "This makes it the first herbal medicine factory in Indonesia that has a pharmaceutical standard.

"The latest factory for Tolak Angin Cair products has a full automation, hygienic and productive process system that meets established standards," Airlangga said. The Inauguration of the Sidoarjo Medicines Liquid Factory Appears with ribbon cutting carried out jointly by the Indonesian Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto, Head of BPOM Penny K. Lukito, Head of the Central Java Provincial Office of Industry and Trade Muhammad Arif Sambodo, Regent Expert Staff Heru Purwantoro, and PT Director . Sido Appears Irwan Hidayat on Thursday (10/25/18) in Ungaran, Semarang. (Sido Humas Public Relations Doc. Appears)

The Head of BPOM RI Penny K. Lukito who also attended said Sido Muncul was considered a leading company. "There are 266 marketing permits, which means that the production is very large and has met the standards," Penny said. Trust and innovation Since its establishment in 1951 until now, Sido Muncul has produced more than 200 types of products. One of the superior products, namely Tolak Angin Cair, which has been exported to America, Australia, Asia, and several countries in Europe and Africa.

Director of PT. Sido Appears Irwan Hidayat said that the achievement of Sido appeared until now thanks to the trust of the Indonesian and international communities. Product Rejects Sido Wind Appears that has already entered the packaging. ( Amazia) In order to maintain that trust, regulations from BPOM and the government continue to be followed in order to produce good products. "As an entrepreneur, I don't have to think much, just follow it.

Because the rules are also in accordance with international standards, "explained Irwan. In addition, Irwan also explained that to improve competitiveness in the market, it is important to continue to innovate, research and development, so as to create new products. The final packaging process is Reject Wind, one of Sido Muncul's herbal products. ( Amazia) Sido Muncul product that will come out next year, for example soft capsule.

The soft capsule has passed the stability test, received validation, permission, and certificate, and is in the process of registration. "There are many kinds of soft capsules, Reject Wind, Reject Scald, Turmeric, Ginger Oil, etc.," said Irwan. Estimated, soft capsule products will be launched January or February 2019.
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