Hydrocephalus Sufferers in Semarang Get 200 Million Assistance

That day, Tuesday (02/12/2019), was the happiest day for children with hydrocephalus at Wisma Kasih Bunda Shelter House, Semarang, Central Java. One of them is Anjar (13), one of dozens of hydrocephalus sufferers who have been treated at the shelter since toddlers. 

Anjar along with other patients received assistance in the form of cash of Rp 200 million. He will use the assistance to meet the costs of operating and treating hydrocephalus. "The children with hydrocephalus here really need help and we are moved to give a little helping hand," said Director of PT Berlico Mulia Farma Irwan Hidayat after giving assistance to hydrocephalus sufferersi in Semarang  

In addition, added Irwan, he was moved and felt what was experienced by children with hydrocephalus here. The assistance was symbolically handed over by Irwan to the Founder of Anne Avantie's Motherhouse of Love Foundation. 

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"Anne realized that around us there were still many children who needed a helping hand and assistance for treatment," continued Irwan. On the other hand, Anjar, representing his friends expressed gratitude and gratitude to PT Berlico Mulia Farma. 

"Thank you, Mr. Irwan and Berlico Farma," said the patient from Yogyakarta. Director of PT Berlico Mulia Farma Irwan Hidayat and Founder of the Wisma Kasih Mother Foundation of Anne Avantie sang with children with special needs at the Wisma Kasih Bunda Shelter House, Semarang, Tuesday (02/13/2019). 

(Sido Public Relations Doc. Appears) Inspiring Besides helping and dealing with dozens of hydrocephalus patients, Wisma Kasih Bunda Shelter House also helps many other patients, such as children with atresia ani (born without an anus), tumors, and physical abnormalities. 

Not only from Semarang, the children who stopped at Wisma Kasih Bunda also came from various cities inside and outside Java, including from Jepara, Purwodadi, Boyolali, Pekalongan, Lombok, Ternate, Bengkulu, and Nias. "We have worked for almost two decades, or more precisely 19 years. Initially, we did not expect to be able to survive and continue to provide hope for those in need," said Anne. Right now, added Anne, Wisma Kasih Bunda already has several classes to guide children with special needs. 

"There are music classes, vocal classes, handicraft classes, and then we will open angklung classes. All classes are free, aka free of charge, so they can learn comfortably," said Anne. Director of PT Berlico Mulia Farma Irwan Hidayat symbolically provided assistance worth Rp 200 million to the Founder of the Anne Avantie Wisma Kasih Foundation Foundation to help treat and operate children with hydrocephalus at the Wisma Kasih Bunda Shelter House, Semarang, Tuesday (02/13/2019). (KOMPAS.com/ALEK KURNIAWAN) Besides Wisma Kasih Bunda, this moment is also a happy event for PT Berlico Mulia Farma. 

Because, this assistance program is the second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for the company that has been acquired by Sido Muncul. "This year we will direct donation activities more than last year. 

Besides helping hydrocephalus patients, we also have assistance programs for cataract patients, cleft lip, cancer foundations, orphanages, and participation in building shelters," said Irwan. As the old saying goes, he added, the longer people do goodness, the longer the man is kept away from calamity. "Hopefully the children at Wisma Kasih Bunda Shelter House are always happy," he concluded.
Source : Regional.kompas.com


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