Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health

We all already understand what betel leaf is. Sirih is a native Indonesian plant that can grow on flat land, trees or walls. Ancient women used to chew with gambir, areca nut, tobacco and lime which are useful for preventing hollow teeth. 
Betel is used as a medicinal plant (fitofarmaka); very instrumental in life and various Malay traditional rituals.

In Indonesia, betel vine is a typical flora of the Riau Islands province. The Riau Islands community highly upholds the culture of the sirih meal ceremony, especially during the ceremony of welcoming guests and using betel as a medicine for various types of diseases. However, betel plants are often found throughout Indonesia, used or only as ornamental plants.
Characteristics of betel plants

Beteltrees are vines both on flat land, trees and in the walls of walls, the height can reach 10 m. The betel stem is greenish brown in color, round in shape, broad and is where the roots come out. Its single heart-shaped leaves, pointed end, grow intermittently, stem, and give off a pleasant smell when kneaded.

The length is around 5-8 cm and width is 2-5 cm. The flowers are compound in the form of grain and there are protective leaves ± 1 mm elliptical. In male grains, the length is around 1.5 - 3 cm and there are two short stamens while in female grains are about 1.5 - 6 cm long where there are three to five pistil heads in white and yellowish green. The fruit is a round-shaped buni with grayish green color. Its roots are round, round and yellowish brown in color.

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Medication

It turns out that this betel leaf has many health benefits, which can be used to treat various diseases such as:

For Headache Medication

For headaches, you can apply a small piece of fresh betel leaf on both sides of the temple or a more effective fresh extract. To make the extract, grind the betel leaves together with a little boiled water and extract the juice. Now add a few drops of camphor essential oil to the extracted juice. Apply this mixture to the temples to get good help from headaches. We can also boil the leaves in water and breathe in the steam.

For Medication for digestive disorders

You will be amazed at how effective this drug is for stomach problems. We use betel leaves, omam (carom seeds) with a little salt for this medicine. When we are bloated which usually occurs after a large fat meal or a lot of food, we belch a lot, experience anxiety, lethargy, lack of hunger and bloating.

This medicine with betel leaf will work well for all of these symptoms. Both carom seeds and betel leaves themselves are very good for treating digestive disorders, but if combined together it makes a very effective home remedy.

Making this medicine cannot be simpler. Take fresh betel leaves, add carom seeds and a little salt. Roll, chew, and swallow with a glass of water. But try using fresh and tender betel leaves for this medicine and this medicine can also be used for children.

For cold medicine

Betel leaf is very good for treating cold and the best way to use betel leaves to treat cold is to make kashayam with it. Any herbal extract used to treat the disease is called kashayam and can be very complicated or very simple like this betel leaf kashayam.

Usually kashayam is made by boiling herbs with water, but for this medicine we need fresh extract. It doesn't matter whether it's a simple recipe made with only 1 or 2 ingredients or with lots of ingredients, they always work on their magic. Kashayam betel leaf is easy to make and provides excellent assistance from chest jams.

To make kashayam, take one betel leaf and grind it together with boiled water in a mixer and extract the juice. For this juice add a pinch of pepper powder and a little dry ginger powder. Your Kashayam is ready, for children over 3 years 1 tsp kashayam will provide good relief from chest congestion, for adults 2 teaspoons will work well.

For Acne Medication

To treat acne, make a soft and thick betel leaf paste with a little boiled water and apply it over the spots. As a preventive measure, we can also make facial cleansing liquid with betel leaves by boiling betel leaves in water and using the water to wash your face.

This same liquid can be used to gargle to treat sore throats. Betel leaf juice (must be thick) can be applied externally to the skin to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Betel leaves can be used for babies to treat stomach aches due to heat.

We always massage the lower abdomen with pure castor oil, we can also apply castor oil to the betel leaves and warm the leaves on the lamp and apply warm leaves on their stomachs. This compress is very calming for babies, but please be very careful about the heat, check every time yourself before applying the leaves to the baby because it's easy to overheat the leaves.


Betel leaves if together with pepper act as a natural antidote to small insect poisons and can be very useful. Take one betel leaf and place 4 to 5 pepper in the middle, fold it to make a gift, chew and swallow. This medicine can be given to children too. You can also boil the two ingredients together with a cup of water to reduce to two, strain and use as a home remedy for it


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