Allegedly forced labor students in Taiwan, Indonesia stops students

Hundreds of Indonesian students allegedly underwent forced labor in a factory in Taiwan. This fact is known after it was revealed by the Kuomintang Ko Chih-en, a Taiwanese politician. Hundreds of these students become factory workers who are in charge of packing contact lenses with a 10-hour sif. The Taiwanese politician revealed his findings to local media who reported it on Thursday (01/03/2019). 

After hearing this news, the Government of Taiwan and Indonesia took a number of actions. Also read: Hundreds of Indonesian Students Allegedly Carry Out Forced Labor at the Taiwan Factory Following are facts about hundreds of Indonesian students who are forced labor in Taiwan: 

1. Only enter the two-day clas
Hundreds of students who are forced to work only get two days of lessons in a week. The rest, they spent 4 days a week packing 30,000 contact lenses at the factory. 

Time to work for 10 hours with 2 hours of rest. In fact, the ideal work-internship program is one year on campus and one year in the industry. The Government of Indonesia and the Government of Taiwan have cooperation regarding work-apprenticeship programs for students. Also read: Hundreds of Students Reportedly Forced Labor in Taiwan, Indonesia Stop Sending Students Ko also revealed that most of these students are Muslim. However, they received food containing pigs while working at the factory. "Although most of Indonesia's students are Muslim, it is surprising that they get food containing pork," Ko said. 

2. Forced universities
The Ministry of Education in Taiwan actually bans apprenticeship programs for first-year students. However, the university circumvented the rules by making them work in groups. The process of sending students is done by a broker who gets 200 Taiwan dollars or around Rp. 93,795 per person. Students themselves have actually begun to complain about the system carried out by the university. However, university officials asked them to be patient. University officials reasoned that if they helped the company, the company would help the university. If they don't work, the company also doesn't help.

3. Indonesia stops sending students 
Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir When Met at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta, Thursday (05/18/2017). (MOH NADLIR / This program was created by the Indonesian Economic Trade Office (IETO). IETO in Taipei requested clarification and coordinated with local officials. They asked local officials to act for the safety of Indonesian students there. 

The Indonesian government finally decided to temporarily suspend the recruitment and delivery of college-apprentice scheme students to Taiwan. "Indonesia has temporarily suspended the recruitment and sending of college-apprenticeship students to good governance," Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir told on Thursday (01/03/2019). Also read: Menristek Dikti: Students Allegedly Going Forced Work in Taiwan Departing Through Calo IETO also collects complaints from other students who take part in this college-internship program. This complaint was reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Until this scheme is agreed upon by both parties, the college-apprenticeship program will be suspended. 

4. The Taiwan government holds an investigation 
Education Minister in Taiwan Yao Leeh-ter spoke about the case and promised to hold an investigation. The university president who sent this student forced labor had actually been summoned last year. The university has been reminded not to violate the law.

5. Departing through brokers 
Although it has temporarily stopped sending students to Taiwan, Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek Dikti) Mohamad Nasir said, students who undergo forced labor are not dispatched through the cooperation scheme of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. According to Nasir, they departed through brokers or agencies. "At the moment we are investigating this case. I have communicated from yesterday, but it is certain that they left alone through brokers or agencies," he said. However, Kemenristek Dikti will still investigate the involvement of domestic universities in the case.

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