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Demonstrating Force in North Korea the United States Dropped His Mother's Bomb in Afghanistan

It is indeed an inhumane act of the United States by dropping a bomb weighing nearly 10,000kg by 9m long to destroy ISIS troops hiding in a cave cave, criticized former Afghan President Hamid Karzai.Former President Karzai is disappointed at the actions of the United States, he considers bomb attacks to obliterate the ISIS troop who hid in the cave cave as a test event.

Indeed, the criticism of the former president is true, because according to the BBC's first new report in war history, the US military says it has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever held.

The GBU-43 / B Bomb Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), known as the "mother of bombs" was used to attack a group hideout calling itself the Islamic State or ISIS in Afghanistan, in Nangarhar Province.

The 9.800kg bomb and nine meters long was dropped in Achin district on Thursday night (13/4/2017), according to information from the US Department of Defense or Pentagon obtained by the BBC.

The attack …

In DKI Jakarta Province, Users and disposing of plastic bags will be fined up to 25 million

In Indonesia, for example, almost every year people are reported to have used 100 billion plastic bags. This habit does occur considering that plastic bags are a free item in Indonesia. Thus, from this calculation, it is concluded that everyone in Indonesia uses at least 700 plastic bags per year or two plastic bags a day. Worse yet, not all of the plastic trash reaches the dumpsite which should be so it can be recycled, but it is scattered everywhere.

Another reason why plastic waste is bad for the environment because of the nature of plastics which are hard to decipher even though they have been buried for years. Know that new plastic can be broken down by soil at least after being buried for 200 to 400 years. There is even a study that states that plastic waste can decompose within 1000 years.

The process of decomposing is what causes the impact of plastic waste to be bad for the environment, such as the emergence of chemicals that can pollute the soil so that the level of be…

Allegedly forced labor students in Taiwan, Indonesia stops students

Hundreds of Indonesian students allegedly underwent forced labor in a factory in Taiwan. This fact is known after it was revealed by the Kuomintang Ko Chih-en, a Taiwanese politician. Hundreds of these students become factory workers who are in charge of packing contact lenses with a 10-hour sif. The Taiwanese politician revealed his findings to local media who reported it on Thursday (01/03/2019). 

After hearing this news, the Government of Taiwan and Indonesia took a number of actions. Also read: Hundreds of Indonesian Students Allegedly Carry Out Forced Labor at the Taiwan Factory Following are facts about hundreds of Indonesian students who are forced labor in Taiwan: 

1. Only enter the two-day clas
Hundreds of students who are forced to work only get two days of lessons in a week. The rest, they spent 4 days a week packing 30,000 contact lenses at the factory. 

Time to work for 10 hours with 2 hours of rest. In fact, the ideal work-internship program is one year on campus and one y…

Angelina Jolie's Parenting Style Like Other Parents

Angelina Jolie has a special parenting style for her six children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne, Knox and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The 43-year-old woman did not want her child to be too polite.

According to Angelina Jolie, children can do two things. "They can make you mature and they are crazy too. They have perfect rebellious characters who are beautiful and curious. I don't want them to be too polite and just do good things just because I told him to, they have to find it themselves," Jolie said. Huffington Post.

Brad Pitt's ex-wife tried to talk to her children about the topics that emerged. "Like other parents, we try our best to instill good things in them and we can't control things that expose them," he said.

Jolie's six children and Brad Pitt know that they often enter the headlines of the media. They also talk about social media. "To be honest, my children already know they are often news, even from media that is often consider…