Tsunami occurred on Anyer beach

Recently, Indonesia experienced many disasters, such as landslides, floods, earthquakes in Sulawesi Sulawesi which claimed many lives and property, and now a tsunami struck Anyer beach.

Head of Earthquake and Tsunami Center Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency Rachmat Triyono said the combination of the two phenomena caused a tsunami waterfall on Saturday night, December 22, 2018 at Anyer Beach, Banten and Lampung to be high and reached the mainland. "First it was a high tidal wave due to the weather and the second eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau," Rahmat said at the BMKG Office on Sunday morning, December 23, 2018.

Previously BMKG on Saturday morning at 07.00 WIB issued an early warning of a two meter high tidal wave in the waters of the Sunda Strait. The warning is valid until the upcoming December 25, 2018.

Then, in the evening around 9:27 p.m., based on observations of tidal data from the measurement board aka the tidegauge at Marina Jambu, Anyer, Banten, the tsunami wave recorded as high as 0.9 meters. It was suspected that the tsunami was caused by the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau at 21.03 WIB on the same day. "If it is added, it will be around 3 meters. That's why the water waves can reach the land," said Rahmat.

The tsunami that hit Anyer Beach and Lampung caused damage to several inns and vehicles that were near the shore. Even so, said Rahmat, further research is needed to find out the exact cause of the tsunami.

It also cooperates with the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) in this matter. "It is certain because of the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau, but for sure, further research is needed," said Rahmat.

The head of PVMBG Rudy Suhendar said his team could only verify the allegations when the sun had risen. The reason is that they have to check whether the tsunami was caused by the landslide of the slopes of Mount Anak Krakatau due to eruption or other factors.
source : Tempo.co

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