This is the sin that continues until the Day of Judgment

Human actions in the world can bring two things, namely reward and sin. If we do good deeds sincerely, then we will get a reward from God, namely reward. But if we do something that violates the provisions of God, we will get sin ,and we will understand everything.

There are so many good deeds that can be done by humans that can bring charity, and this charity will continue to flow even though we have died, for example there is a village building a mosque then we donate ceramics, or tiles etc.

But on the contrary if we do an act that violates the provisions of God then we will get the sin as a result. It turns out that sin also has false sins, namely sins that continue to flow until the Day of Judgement. This is really terrible, really a big loss if the person who has experienced this fingerprint

Below, the author reports from that some things have caused the dosa dosa - na'udzubillah min dzaalik -, hopefully we are kept away from it.

1. Teach ugliness to others

Teaching evil to others is not trivial, the consequences will be enormous. For example, we learn from someone how to steal. As long as the people we teach make 'knowledge' or practice knowledge from us, sin will continue to flow.

Not to mention if the people we teach teach it to others again. We can say, this evil will give more sin.

In addition to the word of God about people who teach or exemplify sin worship to others, he will pay for the sins of those who follow him

"They will bear their sins in full on the Day of Judgment, and INSTALL THE SINS OF THE PEOPLE WHO THEY ARE COMPLETELY, who do not say the least (because they are misled)". (QS. An Nahl: 25)

2. Not teaching, just sharing it on social media

This includes the trivial, lighter than writing directly, but the same results. Some of us don't know that. Especially in the social media era like now. There are so many people who, according to him, are just "sharing" but it turns out that their sins are great.

For example, we have shared pornographic videos with social media with many people being the audience. Or also display photos with open genitals on social media. And many more, the point can't be directly.

The argument is still the same as above, as long as there are people who say "sin" that we share then we also get the share. Therefore, before the death angel picks up, before the breath comes out of the esophagus let's repent with sincere repentance God willing, we will forgive.

Self-possession with a lot of istighfar and giving benefits to others with very small things, such as giving gifts to increase worship to Allah. Don't value it, but the benefits going forward.

With this info, hopefully we can also reflect on whether we have committed a sin which is a very heavy reward for committing the above acts of sin, we may not realize it ... It is better for us to worship and worship God that we may be given a straight direction. ...

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