These are tips to stop wasting your time

Nine Networking Tips (Stop Wasting Your Time!)

Nine tips to help you become a more effective networker. This is still a great way to do business, but you have to do it right!
This quick tip will help you become a successful person. Want to build your network? Here are some quick tips:

1. Appear
Attend at least two networking events a month. But it appears in the right place. Make sure the people there are people you need to meet, otherwise you are just wasting your time. Example if you want to meet prospects to buy your industrial widget, attending a garden club meeting is not counted. Attend if you enjoy the club, but don't cheat yourself.

2. Associate with new people
If you stand beside talking to your partner (coworkers, friends, etc.) For all events, you will not get a network. Well, to get new information, then in that meeting, join new people. That's where you will get unexpected info.

3. Have a goal.
Meet three new people or talk to Prospect X. This will help you stay focused.

4. Listen
Ask questions and identify the person you are talking to. You might be surprised by who they know or what alliances you can make. DO NOT constantly look for someone more important to talk to.

5. Has an attractive opening
Instead of saying, "I'm Tom, I sell tires." Tom can say, "I'm Tom, I'm helping people go where they need to go." After you get their attention, let them know about your product or service in a concise but interesting way. If you train this and that makes you bored, there is a lot of work that you have to do.

6. Smile
People want to deal with the living, not people who walk dead. Looks like you're a nice person around!

7. Have a way to filter prospects.
I am a professional speaker, so after I connect with someone, I will ask whether their organization has ever conducted training or used outside speakers.

If they say, "Oh no - there are only three of us, we will never do that." This is not a prospect for me. I will be good, but soon I will move to someone else. You need to do the same thing. If you are there to find a partner, your screening question might be, "Are you single?" If not, regardless of the heat factor, continue!

If you don't really want to leave, stay home. Successful networks are not for the faint of heart. Go home, rest, and live to fight another day.

8. Follow
This is very, very, very important. Write a reminder on the back of the business card that you have collected (for example, a great smile, recognize Prospect Z). Send a follow-up note the next day. Be the person who made the call for the lunch you promised. Make things happen. This is where the champions come.

9. Secrets about networking (and about relationships in general) - people are afraid.
We all want to live in our comfort zone, and we don't want to risk rejection. So the great contact you made at the last event that never called you for lunch didn't always not like you.

He might be a little nervous. Do you want to know them better? Make a call. You won't always get it, but I can guarantee you will have more interesting lunch and meeting packages than everyone who sits in their office waiting for the phone to ring. Nothing comes - you have to go there and get them!



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