Is Your Business Ready for Crackdown in IRS Reporting Tip?

There are times when hotel employees and business entrepreneurs such as restaurants can get away with being rather loose in IRS tip reporting (the IRS Internal Revenue Service is a kind of tax office in Indonesia) But those days have gone away. With billions of dollars in unreported tips every year, the IRS has clearly hinted that hotel companies and their end employees will be asked to keep accurate accounts of all wages received.

Reasonable estimate

The IRS can use what is called a "reasonable estimate" to calculate how much payroll tax is required under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), because it is good for the business and its employees. This regulation emerged following a court case in which the IRS placed a mortgage of 2423,000 dollars on a restaurant in San Francisco for not reporting a tip paid in cash to employees. It is estimated that reporting inaccurate IRS tips results in more than one billion dollars lost in tax revenue each year. With employers expected to pay 7.65 percent, the IRS will pursue a large amount of tax money this year.

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Business and Obligations of their FICA

Restaurants are allowed to give employees a month to report their tips, but thus the IRS can estimate staff tips until they are officially reported. This is calculated by estimating tips placed on credit cards, and can cause confusion for employees when it comes to reporting IRS tips.

Restaurants and other hospitality businesses are required to report tips because of their FICA obligations. If they fail to comply with IRS reporting requirements, this company places itself at high risk for auditing. Some businesses entered into agreements with the IRS stating that they would receive an estimated tip in exchange for agreeing not to audit them and their employees.

IRS Compliant Tip Reporting

Regardless of your type of business, you definitely want to reduce your tax obligations and avoid expensive IRS levies. Even though you can sign up for the IRS tip reporting agreement, which still doesn't free up your stand from the daily challenges associated with managing all tips and tricks. An innovative tip management system that automates the entire tipping process is the preferred method for paying tips for forward-thinking hospitality businesses. This system accurately tracks tips and then automatically saves them to prepaid employee debit cards. This eliminates the hassles and inaccuracies inherent in cash, and leaves a trail of digital paper to ensure IRS tip reporting and compliance.

The benefits of an automated tip management system include:

• Store electronically all employee wages and tips
• Big time and money savings
• Better cash management
. Increased flexibility and security
• Track, report and pay tax obligations accurately
• Give employees instant access to their money without having to carry large amounts of cash

It is not news that full compliance with all reporting rules and IRS reporting requirements is very important. But this might be news for some hotel businesses that the IRS is acting on taxes relating to all forms of tips. Because tips are the lifeblood of most hotel companies, ensuring that both companies and employees end up paying their taxes fully more important than before.

If your business wants to track tips more effectively or you worry about IRS compliance, see how you can save time and money, improve safety and security, and increase employee satisfaction with an automated tip management system to simplify reporting on IRS tips.



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