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Is Your Business Ready for Crackdown in IRS Reporting Tip?

There are times when hotel employees and business entrepreneurs such as restaurants can get away with being rather loose in IRS tip reporting (the IRS Internal Revenue Service is a kind of tax office in Indonesia) But those days have gone away. With billions of dollars in unreported tips every year, the IRS has clearly hinted that hotel companies and their end employees will be asked to keep accurate accounts of all wages received.

Reasonable estimate

The IRS can use what is called a "reasonable estimate" to calculate how much payroll tax is required under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA), because it is good for the business and its employees. This regulation emerged following a court case in which the IRS placed a mortgage of 2423,000 dollars on a restaurant in San Francisco for not reporting a tip paid in cash to employees. It is estimated that reporting inaccurate IRS tips results in more than one billion dollars lost in tax revenue each year. With employers ex…

5 Basic SEO Tips So Your Competitors Don't Want You to Know

5 Basic SEO Tips So Your Competitors Don't Want You to Know

SEO tips (or search engine optimization tips) are useful for your online business regardless of what niche or industry you are in. These 5 SEO tips are easy to implement and will help your overall search results.

Then what is SEO ...? SEO according to Wikipedia which has been translated from English:
"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to influence the level of visibility of a website or a web page in natural search results (often referred to as non-paid search, non-ad search, or organic search ) from a search engine. "

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is all about organizing a website so that it can be seen in search engine results for certain keywords. The procedure for perfecting websites to get high rankings in search results can be a challenge, but the 5 SEO tips below summarize key elements that are easy to implement and will help search results in general.

1. Know Your Keywords / KeyWord

Keywords …

What is Consumer Based Health Care

What is Consumer Based Health Care

Not everyone will always be healthy, at one time he will experience pain. And this healing requires a large or small cost, depending on the pain is severe or not.
With the existence of health insurance at least people will not be burdened anymore which is so heavy about the cost.

Increased health care costs have made better quality medical facilities out of reach of many people in the United States. Plus, rising health insurance premiums exacerbate the health care crisis. Because most employees are protected by employers who are given health insurance, an increase in the cost of health insurance also has a negative effect on the labor market.

Health care reform is not expected to solve all problems. In recent years, consumer-driven health care has quickly gained significance, and some people see this approach as one solution to resolving the health care crisis.

Consumer-driven health care is an insurance and health management system that gives consumers m…