Food Tips That Should Be Avoided by Pregnant Women in the First 3 Months

Young pregnant women must be extra careful in caring for their womb, especially in the first 3 months. Because it helps a little in consuming food intake can bring a risk that is fatal to the fetus in the womb. Certainly pregnant women want babies in the womb to grow healthy and without losing obstacles at the time of his birth later.

Below this is, from, dr. Raehanul Bahraen describes, several things that need to be considered, related to food for pregnant women:

1 month only in the first trimerter (first 3 months). This phase is very important because of initial growth and organ formation.
Food needed in this phase is because women are also included in nausea (morning sickness) which is difficult to eat properly.

Food needed in this phase:

junk food like fried food on the side of the road (the oil has been used a lot)
processed food (instant)
foods or drinks that contain excess sugar
foods that can produce excessive hormones such as too spicy, lots of fat and others

Recommended foods:
foods that contain protein
vegetables and seeds
milk and healthy fats
important nutrients are folic acid for fetal brain development in the first trimester. Can be obtained from green vegetables, seeds or from supplements.

Other sources say, as for examples of food guides that you can use in the first trimester of pregnancy are as follows:

Fruit juice
Fried rice
Sunny side up
Milk / milk specifically for pregnancy
Clear Vegetables
Yellow seasoning fish
Fried tempe
Orange fruit
Bakwan Corn
Fruit Lettuce
Milk (before bed)

It is very good to follow the advice of a health professional for young pregnant women so that the development of the fetus grows healthily in the womb.


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