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Government Shutdown occurred. in the AS, who is harmed ..?

  ">Recently the US government experienced a shock, due to the lack of understanding of elite politicians who are not successful in formulating the Act (Act) on government operational funds, sehinnga happens 'government shutdown'.

There is often a heated war between legislative and executive politicians elite in budget discussions in various countries. This is different from Indonesia, where Indonesia has a choice. If the House of Representatives (DPR) does not approve the State Budget RAPBN (RAPBN) from the government, in accordance with Article 23 of the 1945 Constitution, the government may use the state budget the previous year.Not so with the United States If his elite politicians do not succeed in formulating the Act (UU) on government operational funds, there is 'government shutdown'.According to NBC News, the US government has conducted 19 government shutdowns from 1976 to 2018. Some of these occurred for just one day, among others in 1982,…