You Want to See The Biggest Drum in The World ..., Purworejo Place

Hello buddy ... do you know the city of Purworejo? The city is located in Indonesia that is located in central java.Located between the city of Yogyakarta and the west of Kebumen City, and north of the city of Magelang and Wonosobo.

You want to know Purworejo City has the biggest drum in the world and this has not been a match, come and visit the city of Purworejo to prove the biggest drag, my friend would not believe if not prove itself, then come to Purworejo.

Purworejo a small town that is now very old about 1113 years old age has a lot of history that must be excavated not to mention the icon of Islam in the development of Islam in this city Bedug Pendowo famous as Bedug Islam Largest World which up to now still firmly located in Darul Mosque Muttaqien which is located near Purworejo district square.
Bedug Pendowo and Mosque Darul Muttaqien is the history of Islam Cokronagoro I relics which is the first regent in Purworejo which is more familiar with Adipati Cokronagoro I who in his youth served Kepatihan Kraton Surakarta who was tasked to supervise the waters or irrigation in the area of ​​Ampel and Boyolali, during his tenure Finished Cokronagoro I returned to Purworejo served as the first regent and offered Bedug which became a major work of Muslims in the making in direct command by the regent who is very concerned with the development of Islam in the land of Purworejo.

Bedug Kyai Bagelen or Bedug Pendowo which is made with one of the largest trees that exist at that time that is pandowo teak tree, the tree that was taken was not just any tree, this teak tree has its own uni that is forked five then in call it with teak pandowo, In various information I dig the tree that made this drum is a tree crater and should not be cut by the local community leaders but on the orders of the first bupati Cokronagoro I who do not believe in superstition or myth and sent ulama Kyai Irsyad to cut and submitted to Tumenggung Prawironagoro , Finally the beduk that was made around 1837 by Tumenggung Prawironagoro and Raden Patih Cokronagoro completed and made in place at the Great Mosque of Duchy which is currently named Darul Muttaqien Mosque.



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