This is the impact of sleeping too long using a fan / air conditioner

 In modern times what is not affordable, what people want will be fulfilled quickly. Many of the works of technology that humans have created now that are all sophisticated will provide convenience, comfort and speed both indoors and outdoors.

However, the works of sophisticated technology that humans create, do not say that they have no impact in their lives, both in terms of health and economic activity. 

Here the author will only describe the adverse effects on health due to the use of technology tools that are too long for example in the use of air conditioners or fans quoted from

1. Shortness of Breath
Indeed, the weather conditions will provide environmental influences, either hot or cold, and normal temperatures. like a fan or air conditioner.

Fan or AC utilization is one of them. The use of fans and air conditioners too long that are exposed throughout the body can cause respiratory problems, one of which is shortness of breath.

To overcome this, do not let the air conditioner or fan turn on all night if possible. And adjust the direction of the wind so as not to focus on our body continuously and the wind stalls are not too large, especially those concerning the body.

2. Stiff on the neck muscles 

Generally after waking up, someone will feel fresher. But what if the body feels sore or tense in the neck? Beware, this condition can be due to exposure to a fan or air conditioner.

Symptoms are felt, among others: neck pain when looking, moving, talking or coughing. In addition to reducing the use of fans or air conditioners, you can reduce pain by compressing using a warm towel or massage.

3. Easy tingling 

Continuous exposure to cold air can cause tingling sensation to pain in the joints of the hands due to swelling of the nerves. This condition will appear more often, especially if someone is sleeping in an incorrect position.

4. Paralyzed on the face (Bell's palsy)

 Have you ever seen someone suddenly experience stiffness on the face or perot (in Javanese)? It turns out that this condition is not a stroke, but Bell's palsy or paralysis of the face due to swelling of the nerves in the face caused by exposure to the angina fan or AC.

Generally these conditions begin with several symptoms, including: speech is not clear, eyes feel sore when washing your face, difficult to open your mouth, reduced tongue function, and so on. Although it is not yet clear what the penyebanya, but it could be a condition caused by a viral infection carried by air or wind.

5. Dehydration and Hypothermia 

Being in a closed room with a fan or air conditioner that lights up for a long time can cause the body to lose fluid and hypothermia which leads to death. 

Symptoms of mild hypothermia include: grayish skin, weakened heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, and muscle contraction.Knowing the occurrence of the above events would be wiser if we can regulate the length of use of these tools so that we can avoid health problems that we do not want. 

Try in the condition of open doors or windows so that air circulation can function properly and certainly avoid saturation of carbon dioxide in the room . Hopefully the above information can be useful for us. 

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