This Is The Danger Often Plucking Nose Hair and Its Consequences For Pregnant Women

Every human nasal cavity overgrown by fine hair's, its function is to filter the dirty air entering for the respiratory tract to keep clean. If the dirty air entering the chamber is not filtered, then the lungs can result in lung infection.
Because lung's is one of the most important human organs that function as a respirator then we should do well not to disrupt its function for the sake of our health.


This lung's position under the ribs has a very heavy task, especially when we breathe dirty air, examples of air pollution and even cigarette smoke that cause lungs  be contaminated and become dirty.

So what's the danger of plucking that nose hair? . Below are 5 hazards of plucking the nose that have  summarized by namely:

1. Can Result Infections 

When removing the nose hair using the hands be cleaned first, because otherwise you can trigger the entry of bacteria and germs into the follicle of the open nose hair. As a result, infection can occur in the surrounding area.

2. Can Result Brain Infection
The area around the mouth and nose  called a vulnerable area because it is directly related to the brain. Inside this area, the veins (venous) will mix blood from the nose and blood coming from the brain. This makes the bacteria from the nose can easily get into the brain through the veins behind it.

If you frequently remove the nose hair, you will increase the risk of bacterial entry into the brain and cause clots in the cavernous sinuses. Indeed, the percentage of infections that result in the brain is very small. But this can happen especially for people who already have a low immune system.

3. Can cause nose bleedNipper removal by force can affect blood vessels that are very small in size in the nose. This can trigger bleeding inside the nose.

 4.Causes AcneWhen removing the nose hair by using a hand that was not previously cleaned, you can trigger acne because the entry of bacteria can infect the expelled hair follicle of the nose. 

5. Can cause septal perforationPerforation of the septum is damage to the nasal cavity that makes you uncomfortable after removing the hairs of the nose. Damage after removing the nose hair can cause various forms, ranging from wounds, small boils, or crust from drying mucus that is difficult to remove.

For pregnant women associated with frequent removal of the nose hair above so that the nasal cavity can lose the filter. In fact we do not always breathe clean air when it happens to pass through the amount of air pollution like cigarette smoke, dirt road dust can dirty air can enter the lungs without Filtered first, because the nasal hair that serves as a filter has been lost then the lung becomes dirty. Then what are the consequences of the dirty lung dangers for pregnant women?Image results for images resulting from dirty lungs for babies in the womb



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