Cool ... Modified Jet becomes Limousine

Jet dimodif jadi Limosin (
Foreign people are known for their intelligent brain brain stores, various kinds of new and sophisticated technologies have been created, and have been widely enjoyed by developing countries.

But not yet for this one is the Jet that is modified to become Limousine .. This unique car is done by Jetsetter Inc., based in Illinois and has just made its official debut a few days ago in Dallas in KnowledgeFest, a mobile electronics exhibition.

The idea of making jets became limousines in 2006 by Dan Harris and Frank DeAngelo, and it took more than a decade for about 12 years, until this project became a reality. Surely people will be proud of being able to own this vehicle, but unfortunately do not know how much the price of this jet car the owner has not mentioned how much the price of this jet car.

Lately the Jet has begun to roam the streets of the United States designed with one door to go in and out and the front is a single seat for the driver with a number of screens, which are likely to be used
to help maneuver and see behind this long land-based luxury vehicle.

While the exterior is still made the same as not leaving his identity, which is an ordinary jet that is at the airport of a commercial aircraft. Sharp red and beautiful, and jet engine pods are equipped with lights to provide bright light at night.
">The actual use of jet engines for propulsion will be a minor problem on the road, which comes from the V8 engine, which is not yet known how much power.
The overall dimensions are quite large with clear numbers, but have a long wheelbase. At the back it is not clear whether the tent at Burger King can be passed. Lear Jet has four tires with a fairly large diameter, maybe up to 24 inches. On its Facebook page, Lear Jet exhibits its products, which will soon be marketed.This article has been published by


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