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You Want to See The Biggest Drum in The World ..., Purworejo Place

Hello buddy ... do you know the city of Purworejo? The city is located in Indonesia that is located in central java.Located between the city of Yogyakarta and the west of Kebumen City, and north of the city of Magelang and Wonosobo.

You want to know Purworejo City has the biggest drum in the world and this has not been a match, come and visit the city of Purworejo to prove the biggest drag, my friend would not believe if not prove itself, then come to Purworejo.

Purworejo a small town that is now very old about 1113 years old age has a lot of history that must be excavated not to mention the icon of Islam in the development of Islam in this city Bedug Pendowo famous as Bedug Islam Largest World which up to now still firmly located in Darul Mosque Muttaqien which is located near Purworejo district square.

Bedug Pendowo and Mosque Darul Muttaqien is the history of Islam Cokronagoro I relics which is the first regent in Purworejo which is more familiar with Adipati Cokronagoro I…

This Is The Danger Often Plucking Nose Hair and Its Consequences For Pregnant Women

Every human nasal cavity overgrown by fine hair's, its function is to filter the dirty air entering for the respiratory tract to keep clean. If the dirty air entering the chamber is not filtered, then the lungs can result in lung infection.
Because lung's is one of the most important human organs that function as a respirator then we should do well not to disrupt its function for the sake of our health.

This lung's position under the ribs has a very heavy task, especially when we breathe dirty air, examples of air pollution and even cigarette smoke that cause lungs  be contaminated and become dirty.

So what's the danger of plucking that nose hair? . Below are 5 hazards of plucking the nose that have  summarized by namely:

1. Can Result Infections

When removing the nose hair using the hands be cleaned first, because otherwise you can trigger the entry of bacteria and germs into the follicle of the open nose hair.As a result, infection can occur in th…

Murder of sadism, a woman in mayhem and burning alive

Wednesday morning (01/08/2018) people were shocked by the discovery of an unidentified corpse in the Sendang Wates village forest area, Kunduran District, Blora Regency, Central Java.
The body was found in a deplorable condition, difficult to recognize because his entire body was burned.Suparjo, the village head of Sendang Wates, said that he first obtained information from residents in his village at around 6.30 WIB.Then with several residents, he went straight to the scene where the body was found.Arriving at the scene, the village head was shocked after seeing the corpse, apparently a female corpse was burned to the ground."I have come to the location of many residents. I told the residents, don't hold it first, this is a police matter. Its position is facedown and female," Suparjo said.

Not long after the incident the police arrested the alleged FDA murderer (21), the woman whose body was found charred in the teak forest of Kunduran District, Blora. The 35…