Why sperm can be damaged ?

It is natural in a marriage to expect to have offspring.Because with the offspring as a baby will provide happiness If you plan to immediately have offspring, it is worth noting some of the following habits, which is a habit that can be prevented if you want to have offspring.

The reason, this habit is often done unconsciously can damage sperm. Likes or dislikes, in fact the number of men who bemasalah with sperm increasing. "The number of healthy and normal sperm has declined in recent decades," said Ajay Nangia, M.B.B.S., urology and male fertility expert at the University of Kansas Medical Center.Here are the habits that are often done unwittingly can damage male fertility: 

1. Sometimes or activities are done until late at night in filling the spare time causing sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep is often accused as the cause of various health problems. Includes damaging sperm. According to the journal Fertility & Sterility, men with a duration of sleep less than six hours will experience a decline in fertility by 31 percent compared to men with sleep duration of 7-8 hours per night. The reason, lack of sleep decreases the production of testosterone.This hormone plays an important role in the formation of sperm. But too much sleep is not good either. Men who slept more than nine hours per night also showed fertility problems. So, 7-8 hours per night is the ideal duration.

 2. False lubricants Lubricant usage is actually not necessary for couples who have understood the technique of sex making, because by understanding the technique will run smoothly comfortable full of enjoyment. The use of lubricants when making love is sometimes helpful. But be careful, it can also damage sperm. Fertility & Sterility Journal in 2014 mentions that some brands of lubricants can inhibit sperm motility. 

3. Motility is the ability of sperm to swim toward the egg. Ajay Nangia, M.B.B.S., urology and male fertility expert from the University of Kansas Medical Center said that was caused by the thickness of the lubricant layer. This thickness prevents sperm movement. Plus, lubricating fluids contain hydraulic acid that can kill sperm. "If the goal is only to make love, then the couple will be slightly benefited because the lubricant is also inhibited sperm," said Ajay.But, he does not recommend the use of lubricants as a means of contraception. 

4. Less Eating Fish Fish proved good for sperm health. A study conducted by Harvard mentions that sperm quality looks better in men who are diligent in eating tuna or salmon. Conversely, processed meat is an enemy to sperm health. Processed meats can lower testosterone production, while fish that contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids actually improve the quality of sperm. 

5.Customs drinking soda According to the journal Human Reproduction, a can of soda a day can damage sperm. The ability of sperm to move will decrease. The reason, soft drinks have sugar content that can cause insulin resistance.

This condition can spread into inflammation, which makes the movement of sperm inhibited. Plus, the habit of drinking soda can make you fat. 

6. Overweight is also often blamed as the cause of various health problems, including fertility problems in men.Overweight or obese or overweight are not only prone to deadly diseases. For men, obesity can also affect their sperm.      
1 health.com
The Melbourne Scientists study the impact of obesity in pregnancy. They claim, men need to lose weight before thinking of being a father.According to reproductive experts from the University of Melbourne Department of Zoology, obese men can have a negative impact on sperm, which can lead to smaller fetuses, poorer pregnancy success and less development of the placenta. Similarly, reports from Medical Xpress, Thursday (23/8). 

According to him, many men do not understand the contribution they have. "They must be healthy before they get pregnant, their sperm needs to be fit for life."In this study, scientists used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to determine the impact of obese father on implantation of the embryo into the uterus and fetal development.Implantation is attachment and subsequent penetration by a fertilized egg (at the zone-free blastocyst stage) in the uterine wall, which starts from 5 to 7 days after conception.Natalie Binder, a PhD candidate, develops embryos from normal weight rats and obese male mice. The fat mice have been fed fast food for ten weeks. And as a result, obese mice produce delayed fetuses.

"We found delayed fetal development resulting from obese fathers.

The rate of implantation of the embryo into the uterus and fetal development decreased in these animals by up to 15 percent," he said."In addition, the weight of placenta and development was significantly reduced for embryos derived from fat male sperm."These findings suggest that obesity fathers not only have a negative impact on embryonic development, but also have an impact on the success of implantation into the uterus. Which then produces a small placenta that disrupts the growth and development of the fetus at risk for long-term health of the offspring."Our study provides more information about the impact of obesity on men and their ability to start a family and the need to reduce the weight of a few kilos in preparation for pregnancy," he added.  

7. Stress Stress is also called as the entrance of various diseases. A study of ColumbiaUniversity calls that excessive stress interferes with reproductive hormones.Even if the man is already running a healthy diet, stress factors should still beCalculated as a fertility destroyer. "Look for ways to relieve the stress. Even ifNeed, meet the professionals, "said Ajay. 

8. Keep the phone in the pants pocket, It has become a custom pocket pants is a placeWhich is practical to put the phone. But this habit can have a bad effect on sperm, that isExposure to cell phone radiation in pocket pants can inhibit sperm movement. The heat from the phone can also increase the temperature on the scrotum and disrupt sperm production. This is revealed in ten studies involving mobile phone radiation. If you are someone who has to hold the phone every time, try to put the phone somewhere else like a jacket pocket. 

9. Frequent Drinking Alcohol. Drinking alcohol does not have a significant impact on health. Various studies have mentioned that one glass of beer or wine per day is not a problem for health. However, drinking too much alcohol will damage male fertility.Researchers from Denmark say that 25 glasses of alcohol in a week can reduce the quality of sperm. And if a man drank 40 glasses per week, then he will experience a decrease in the number of sperm as much as 33 percent and 51 percent of healthy sperm. Source: Men's Health / coverage 6


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