This is the Result When Urinating While Standing

Urinating or commonly called urine is a human activity in its activity to remove the remnants of the body's metabolism (removing body impurities).Urinating or urinating is a normal and normal thing happens to us.This shows if the system of excretion or metabolism in our kidneys work well. By urinating, the remnants of the toxins from the body will also be removed through the urine, thus, the body will become healthier. In doing this activity so as not to cause inequity in health, we are required to do it right so as not to cause symptoms of symptoms of disease in the future.

Rasulullah Shalallahu 'Alaihi Wa Salam forbids standing piss. And for Muslims who pray, sometimes after coming out of the toilet and want to pray, when ruku 'in prayer we feel something out of the genitals, it is the rest of urine that is not exhausted scattered due to the urine standing is not completed out, this causes Salat is illegitimate because one of the full validity of prayer is clean and holy from impure both hadats small and hadats large, and urine is unclean.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is often reminded in his saying: "Be careful in the urine problem because most of the torture of the grave is caused by not being careful in urinating".
1. Indeed many punishment of the grave due to urine then cleanse yourself from (splash and scrap) urine. (HR Al Bazzaar and Ath-Thahawi)

2. Ibn'Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: Allah's Messenger Past two graves, then he said: Remember, actually these two are being tortured, but not for great sin. One is tortured because he used to pit the sheep, while others were tortured for not cleansing him of his urine. Then he asked for a palm leaf deck and cut it in half. After that he stuck one of them in a grave and the other on the other grave as he said: May the stem can ease his torture, as long as it is not dry. (Saheeh Muslim No.439)
 Impact of Standing Piss 
The habits of the pee standing up will easily weaken the inner, because the remnants of water in the pundi that runs out radiated to make the glands muscles and tendons around the penis become soft and sagging.

Medically standing urine is the main cause of urinary stone disease, in all patients with the disease and is one cause of illness impotence for some men.

When urinating stands there is a sense of dissatisfaction, because there is still water left in the pouch and eggs under the jaw penis scrotum. This is most likely to cause bladder stones. The fact proves that rocks that are in the kidney or the pockets of art and eggs are caused by the remnants of urine that are not scattered out. The precipitate for the sludge finally crystallizes / harden like a rock.

Should Piss While SquattingUnlike the Standing Piss, if urinating while squatting in a tighter circumference of the left and right thighs stretch the jaw crush. This makes it easy for the urine to flow easily and makes it easier to press the base of the testicles while dehening.In this way, the urine will come out until it runs out, even in this way the strength around the muscle of the penis is maintained.

Pee Standing According to Western ResearchersAccording to researchers of the department of urology at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, urinating standing affects the prostate health of men. They collected and analyzed eleven studies to compare the effects of urine sitting versus standing. The study focused on three key urodinamik parameters that are closely related to male prostate health. Three of them are: the maximum flow rate of urine, urine time, and post-void volume (the amount of urine remaining in the bladder).

In healthy men, the team found no differences across any of the variables. Sitting was no better than standing for urinary health. However, the meta-analysis showed that men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) were able to empty their bladders more completely (see figure below), leaving 25 fewer milliliters of urine in their bladders. Men with LUTS also had a stronger flow and took 0.62 seconds shorter to urinate, but these two results were just shy of statistical significance.

A number of countries even assert this case. In 2012, for example, Sweden and Taiwan make rules to ban men urin standing. Viggo Hansen, a member of the House of Representatives in Sweden, proposed a rule that affirmed men not to pee standing because it was considered disgusting and unhealthy. He also campaigned that sitting urine can improve male sex quality.Meanwhile, Taiwan government, through the Minister of Environmental Protection Administration, Stephen Shen, urged its citizens to no longer follow the traditional way of pissing. In Japan, in 2007, a poll showed that 49 percent of married Japanese men prefer to urinate sitting because their wives have ordered it.

Disorders of the urinary prostate, if extended further, can indeed affect sleep patterns, which ultimately affects the decrease in testosterone levels in men. Lack of hormone that will ultimately affect the decline in sex drive.


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