This is food and drink that can cause nightmares at night

Nightmares usually occur during the day we experience events of strange or frightening events. Strange events during the day can be brought into the night of night ..
However, there are other things that can cause nightmares, namely food and drink as below ,
that is :
Dairy products contain tryptophan which serves as a precursor to the sleep inducing seroton hormone. So, eating cheese before bedtime can trigger nightmares when you are asleep.

It's just that in this study did not say how much cheese that can definitely trigger nightmares when consumed.

2. Ice cream
Eating ice cream before bed can cause the body's metabolism to shift so that in turn can increase brain activity. If ice cream is consumed in conjunction with coffee, tea, and other ingredients, there will be high activity on the brain so that the movement is random. Such movement or activity of the brain tends to produce a bad dream.

Therefore, you should avoid eating ice cream before going to bed.

3. Alcohol

When you go to bed after drinking an alcoholic beverage. it can cause nightmares. Not only that, consuming alcohol does not just cause nightmares, but also sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder in which breathing often stops during sleep. As a result, the organs, especially the brain, may not get enough oxygen, as well as poor sleep quality, which can make patients feel tired the next day.

4. Spicy sauce

Eating using spicy sauce or spicy foods is one of the main causes of nightmares. This can increase the body's metabolism and brain activity. As discussed earlier, such brain activity triggers nightmares while you sleep.

5.. Garlic
Garlic contains natural blood thinning properties and is claimed to be able to flush the brain. Well, this allows more blood than usual if you eat garlic with a large amount so that a nightmare can happen.

6. Soda
Studies have shown that people who drink soda even during the early part of the day are reported to have nightmares. Most likely it is the content of caffeine and sugar contained in soda

7. Chips 
About 12.5 percent of all the dreams that annoy a person, it is caused by the consumption of fast food such as chips. Strange, anyway. But this is the result of a studi.
If you do not want to have nightmares, then do not over-consume food and drinks mentioned above



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