Men Who Begin Aged, Penis Will Also Be Changed

You may be young, strong, and handsome, but as you age the physical changes are inevitable, including the penile organ.Symbol of manhood is believed to be lost his gallantry when a man getting older. Then what changes happen to the penis when old age? According to urologist Brian Steixner, MD, director of the Institute of Men's Health for the Jersey Urology Group, every man needs to anticipate the possibility of changing their penis.

1. SlackBrian Steixner has done research on some 70-year-old men. The men were asked to walk naked throughout the locker room, the result of their scrotum drooping. The sagging of the penis is due to loss of muscle mass and this is what is called 'Splash Down' syndrome.Thanks to the advancement of aesthetic medicine technology, this condition can be overcome with a procedure of scrotoplasty to tighten back the muscles around the scrotum.2. Penis size changesReduced collagen in the skin also makes shrinkage in the penis. Actually this shrinkage also occurs on the skin throughout the body. Depreciation progresses slowly.The older, the body's metabolism will slow down which results in easy weight rise. This weight gain is also associated with shrinking penis size. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen also makes the penis increasingly "drowning

3. Curve
Steixner found that in middle-aged men will be susceptible to peyronie disease, a penile condition that looks asymmetric due to fibrous plaque formation or scarring along the shaft of the penis. The trigger is actually simple, ie repetitive trauma, for example due to clash during exercise or sexual activity, so that will form scar in the penis.

Curvature of the penis will get worse in the late 60's. Luckily at this time the condition can be corrected with a shot of botox to release plaque accumulation.

4. Erectile dysfunction

The risk of erectile dysfunction will increase with age. Penis is a body organ filled with blood vessels that function to bring blood to the penis resulting in an erection.

"Erectile dysfunction is the same as a 'heart attack' in the penis, preventing it from doing the same thing as preventing heart attacks - keeping the diet and exercising," Steixner said.

5. Difficult orgasm
When in old age, the sensitivity of the penis will decrease. This decrease is also caused by decreased nerve function in the penis which results in the difficulty of orgasm and erection. At least you will take a long time to reach a climax than in your golden age.


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