"Hill Selfie" is a cool tourist destination from Wonosobo

The growth of tourist destinations in the mountains with the cool natural air is indeed a necessity of many people. Tours like this will be perfect for those of you who always dabbling in the busyness especially for those who work in big city city with dirty air pollution. 

Nothing wrong with coming to visit the mountain tourism area to the area of ​​Hillside Selfie at the foot of Mount Sumbing.The existence of Selife Hill is located in the Village Ropoh Kepil District, Wonosobo regency, Central Java. Located right on the slopes of Mount Sumbing with the many pine trees make this region has tremendous tourism potential. This selfie hill seems to have been widely known and visited by tourists from various regions ..


If you want to travel on a pine hill, Hill Selfie is a very suitable place, because this selfie hill is a great pine forest landscape of three kilometers. The exoticism of this hill is a long road building stretched with pretty neat pine trees. 
Why named selfie hill ... according to the hill managers mention, naming Hill Selfie because since not yet officially opened as a tourist destination, the area of ​​pine trees under the Perhutani management is often used to take pictures of selfie or swafoto by young children. "We will launch it on July 30, 2017.

 We call it Selfie Hill because it is a great location to take pictures," said Surip to VIVA, Monday, November 20, 2017.


Since it was inaugurated as a new destination by Sadar Wisata Group (Pokdarwis) Ropoh Village, the management of the hill of Selfie is now continuously maximized. One of them by adding new rides, such as selfie gazebo, selfie park, saung, hammock, and a number of stalls in the pine forest area.
Some slang writing is also made to spot fun berswafoto at this location. Includes insinuations to keep visitors clean, and not littering. Local Pokdarwis has now also worked on other potentials, such as batik products, typical corn rice food, and farming with the residents.

"We are still working on Wijaya, such as flying fox, pine forest treking and outbound, because the potential is extraordinarily beautiful," he said.To get to the area of ​​Selfie Hill is quite easy. The location is only about one kilometer with the provincial road in the village Ropoh, Kepil district. 

When heading to the location of Pine Forest Hill Selfie, tourists will be treated to a pretty beautiful scenery. Like the passing of citizens who are working on agricultural fields to the atmosphere of rural beautiful.For the traveler's pockets, Hill Selfie may be the right choice. 

Because now the tour is still free for visitors. Simply pay for Rp3.000 vehicle parking.Well that's an interesting destination info comrades with cool mountain air still beautiful and green foliage in a rural atmosphere.Of course by visiting the hill selfie will be served fresh air quality and cool also mennggembirakan for you who visit.Source:viva.co.id


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