Did You Know, Eat To Know Can Prevent Early Menopause

It is natural for women that in addition to giving birth to a woman will also experience a monopouse.Menopause is a normal condition that will be experienced by all women at certain ages in line with increasing age, and this is not a disease or medical disorder. 

Menopause can be said a period of the end of the menstrual cycle in women, along with the aging process then all women will experience the name menopause.The condition of menopause when the ovary function of a woman stops. Ovaries or ovaries are part of the female reproductive gland. 
Generally, the age of women entering menopause is around 51 years. Although it can not be ascertained when a woman enters menopause. Most menopause occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but menopause can occur early as about 40 years, or it may be longer in women in their 60s. To remember menopause is a normal and natural thing. But there are women who turn out to experience early menopause. Menopause that occurs at age 40 and below is referred to as early menopause.

In general menopause can be regarded as the end of the menstrual cycle in women.The image results for a woman's age picture experience menopause
Menopause phase in this woman is inevitable, but there are times when menopause comes too early which means it will experience discomfort such as emotional disorders, decreased libido, fatigue, bone loss also occur early also. There are several ways to overcome the monopouse too early which the authors summarize from various sources, among others:


  1. Eat TofuAccording to a study quoted from thehealthsite.com, there is a simple way to prevent the arrival of early menopause for women with a lot of eating tofu, brown rice, or oatmeal."A study in 2016 indicated that women who consumed more vegetable protein or about 6.5% of their daily calories had a 16% lower risk for early menopause compared to those who ate fewer vegetable proteins," the study .Although the need to be studied further, but the study concluded that consumption of vegetable protein will prevent hormone imbalance that can lead to early menopause. 

  2. Take Control of WeightExcessive weight will store excess estrogen in fat tissue, then this excessive estrogen was able to trigger ovarian failure. Similarly, if the body is too thin and hungry then the body will automatically turn off many important organ functions one of them is the ovary.Weight loss is a risk factor of early menopause that can be controlled and have a normal weight is one of the best things you can do for hormones.

3. Avoid Excess DrinksAlcoholic drinks are not a major factor that can lead to early menopause but drinking large amounts of alcohol will be able to trigger menopause more quickly, especially if it has other risk factors.Not just alcohol to watch out for, too much caffeine consumption can also disrupt fertility rates.It is okay to consume one cup of coffee a day and two bottles of alcohol per week in order to avoid the risk of early menopause.

  4. Stop Smoking
Smoking is one activity that can be the cause of early menopause. Chemicals present in cigarettes such as nicotine, cyanide and carbon monoxide can speed up egg loss. Unfortunately when the egg has disappeared it can not be replaced or regenerated. Because this is according to data of women who smoked menopause 4 years earlier than non-smoker women.

Early monopouse events are not expected by women, early menopause still has the same effect as menopause in old age. 

 This is due to changes in the hormone estrogen, only in early menopause has occurred at a younger age. Here are some effects of early menopause: 

  A. Emotional disorders such as mood changes and depression 
  B. Skin, eyes, and mouth feel dry 
  C. The vagina feels thinner and less flexible 
  D. Decreased libido
  E. Porous bone
  F. Can not have offspring 

Not all women have the same symptoms and menopause processes. Where not all women will experience all the symptoms of menopause.The process of menopause is usually characterized by the occurrence of menstruation that will end in stages. Where the menstrual frequency will be less frequent, until finally menstruation will stop altogether.Source: merdeka.com, hellosehat.com


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