In the Digital Age Gave Birth to a Smart and Qualified Mother

When a child is a child a mother can not be separated from his responsibility to the child, and the child started to mature mother is still needed to always and always guide him so that children become healthy and not misdirected.In this digital era of diera era in guiding the child is required figure of a versatile woman. Because what the world seems to be in his hand, in an instant can get the info needed. So that a mother can obtain and sort out info info useful info is to be applied in educating and raising their children and do not until today's mothers do not master the digital era because with mastering the digital a mother can keep up with her child. 

That way a mother will become a friend of exciting and fun discussion for her children.Many career women who also undergo multiperan, became the wife and mother of his children.To be able to remain a career and do responsibilities at home.

In a press conference, the Minister of Health, Prof.Dr.dr. Nila Djuwita F.Moeloek SpM (K), said that the knowledge that women have must be wide and open."A woman should be well-informed, how to guarantee the health of children if we do not understand the companion food for children We all know, the cause of malnutrition is not just about food but also mothers who do not understand the nutritional needs of children," said Nila at the Ministry of Health, some time ago. 

The figure of today's women must also be able to keep themselves and his health. Because, not a few women workers who choose to consume any food during break time. If the health of women workers is well preserved, automatic outside work and home responsibilities are well resolved."Furthermore, female workers should be able to manage their pregnancy plans, so they can still work while planning the pregnancy, calculating the household capability, how many children are needed.If civil servants are paid 4 million, for example, yes do not 12 children should be calculated well," he explained.Management in terms of finances, continued Nila, should be owned by women. According to Nila, financing a child is very expensive if you want to calculate.  

Finally, a healthy and clean working environment is also required to prevent exposure to disease germs."Having a healthy work environment starting from a healthy diet is indispensable in the workspace, as working women are usually productive age, and many mothers who sacrifice for children bring home breastfeeding to give to children."Being a Mom in the present era that is required to master the internet makes a mother can not stop learning.

 In addition to prioritizing the interests of children, with the internet a mother can develop herself as she wants both hobbies, skills and career, which can motivate and advance herself to be a qualified mother according to the demands of the times.


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