Avoid These 5 Habits That Can Cause Varicose Veins

According to Alodokter.com Varicose veins are swelling and dilation of veins that usually occur on the foot due to accumulation of blood. People who suffer from this disease, their veins can also be seen protruding out in blue or purple. Sometimes the shape resembles a knot or a twisted cord.Varicose veins that occur due to blood vessels appear to the surface of the skin can be an unsightly thing to look at. Especially for women. Therefore they avoid the habit that can provoke the emergence of varicose veins like the following example. 

1. Crossed legs After Sport RunNot recommended after run and then sit the legs folded or crossed, because it will inhibit blood circulation from foot to pelvis so that the blood will collect foot. This makes the blood vessels dilate and eventually develop into varicose veins.

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2. Stand for hoursJobs that require long standing can cause varicose veins, since standing for long periods will make the focus of weight only at one point or place alone. This causes the blood to collect and weaken the blood vessels until finally appears varicose veins. 

3. Sitting long,Sitting too long in one place gives the same effect as standing for hours. Cause because when sitting, you are in the same position. Therefore you should vary with other movements when you sit too long.

 4. Wear high heelsFor women walking or standing in high heels make the blood flow stop in the calf. This causes stagnation and blood vessels dilate. 

5. Consumption of foods high in saltConsumption of foods high in salt causes high water retention in the body. This will increase the pressure in the blood vessels, make it big, and develop into varicose veins.Treatment of Varicose veinsThe condition of varicose veins that are still relatively mild can still be handled alone at home. The goal is to relieve symptoms, prevent the varicose veins worse, and avoid the occurrence of complications such as wounds or bleeding.

One example we can do handling is by wearing antivarises stockings or also called compression bundles. Also, avoid standing for long periods of time and take a few moments to rest your legs in a rested position with a buffer (the position of the foot higher than the body). Do not forget to always maintain ideal body weight and exercise routine.Source: Merdeka.com, Alodokter.com


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