Is it True that Sex Position Determines Baby Gender ...?

Is it true that Sex positions can determine the sex of the baby ...? A question that is very intriguing to everyone, especially for couples who want their desired sex, of course, couples who want a particular sex must be very happy to hear it.

Indeed there are also other ways to obtain the desired sex of the baby, the IVF program. But this IVF program certainly needs to be costly and careful planning in order to obtain the desired results.

It is a cheaper and easier way to get the sex of the baby you want by choosing a sex position. How to get a baby boy or girl as desired is related to the initial fertilization process. This method does not guarantee a success rate of up to 100%, but there's no harm in trying, right?

That the baby's sex is determined by the sperm chromosome which will fertilize the egg. Sperm which will produce male babies is the type of sperm Y. While sperm that will produce a baby girl is sperm X. If Y sperm "wins against" sperm X, then the results o…

Tips for having soft skin

Often when we think of proper nutrition, we tend to think about which foods will help us reach our body weight goals or will help improve heart health, combat cancer, or reduce the risk of stroke. While these are all important factors to be taken into account, people also can not ignore the importance of having healthy skin. What you eat will affect the health of your skin. Which foods will help you have soft, smooth, smooth skin? Here's your line up ...

1. Avocado.
Of all the foods eaten, avocados can be included in the list. These foods are rich in healthy fats, which help keep your skin moist and supple, while also providing potent vitamin E. Vitamin E is a particular antioxidant that will help moisturize your skin even further and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines. and wrinkles. Serve the avocado along with your meal whenever possible. Use enough if you pay attention to your weight.

2. WalnutsThe second good source of healthy fat to promote younger looking skin …

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health

Benefits of Betel Leaves for Health

We all already understand what betel leaf is. Sirih is a native Indonesian plant that can grow on flat land, trees or walls. Ancient women used to chew with gambir, areca nut, tobacco and lime which are useful for preventing hollow teeth.
Betel is used as a medicinal plant (fitofarmaka);very instrumental in life and various Malay traditional rituals.

In Indonesia, betel vine is a typical flora of the Riau Islands province.The Riau Islands community highly upholds the culture of the sirih meal ceremony, especially during the ceremony of welcoming guests and using betel as a medicine for various types of diseases.However, betel plants are often found throughout Indonesia, used or only as ornamental plants.
Characteristics of betel plants

Beteltrees are vines both on flat land, trees and in the walls of walls, the height can reach 10 m. The betel stem is greenish brown in color, round in shape, broad and is where the roots come out. Its single h…

This is the impact of sleeping too long using a fan / air conditioner

In modern times what is not affordable, what people want will be fulfilled quickly. Many of the works of technology that humans have created now that are all sophisticated will provide convenience, comfort and speed both indoors and outdoors.

However, the works of sophisticated technology that humans create, do not say that they have no impact in their lives, both in terms of health and economic activity. 

Here the author will only describe the adverse effects on health due to the use of technology tools that are too long for example in the use of air conditioners or fans quoted from

1. Shortness of Breath
Indeed, the weather conditions will provide environmental influences, either hot or cold, and normal temperatures. like a fan or air conditioner.

Fan or AC utilization is one of them.The use of fans and air conditioners too long that are exposed throughout the body can cause respiratory problems, one of which is shortness of breath.

To overcome this, do not let the a…

These 5 Fatal Diseases Are Caused by Dental Infections

There is no favoritism, the name is cleaning teeth is very important, not children or adults all need to clean their teeth in order to maintain health that can be done after waking up and going to sleep again.

If the teeth are not cleaned, it can be ascertained that the germ bacteria will nest on the sidelines of the teeth which over time will cause the mouth to smell and the teeth can become hollow. And this hollow tooth if it is not immediately patched, it will become large and porous and the consequences can be fatal.

Like the info the author quoted from Don't underestimate the hole in the tooth. That said, if left unchecked it can trigger a number of deadly diseases such as heart or stroke.

If so, how can germs in the teeth move to a number of other vital organs? Drg. Bambang Nursasongko SpKG (K) from Siloam Hospital, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, explained that teeth have many parts, including e-mail, dentine, and pulp. The effect of holes on enamel and dentin is not as b…

Tips for smoothing Mother's Milk (ASI)

Since birth, ASI (Mother's Milk) is the main foundation for infant growth and development, especially in the golden age of 1,000 days of a child's growth.
Once the importance of the benefits of ASI makes the government also make regulations about exclusive ASI for 6 months as stated in Government Regulation No. 33 of 2012. In the PP, getting ASI is a baby's right.

However, out of 4.8 million births in Indonesia each year, less than half of babies who receive exclusive breastfeeding.

The latest data in Indonesia shows that there has been a decrease in exclusive ASI from 2016 to 2017, from 54% to 47%. That is, only 2.2 million babies from 4.8 million births receive exclusive breastfeeding. This figure is still below the expectations of WHO, who expect 50% of babies born to get exclusive breastfeeding.

"In Indonesia, only DIY Province has exclusive breastfeeding reaching above 50%, precisely 60%. But for other regions, the average is still below the WHO target, "explain…

Tips To Be Fast In The Inspection Process Of Aviation Security Officers

If you are going to get on a plane at the airport, passengers are usually required to go through several inspections of goods. This is an international aviation security standard that is applied in every country. Scanners and metal detectors that are used by officers at the airport are used to check passenger luggage.

This inspection process can take place quickly, it can also take a long time depending on our default, if we carry a lot of luggage can certainly waste time especially for those who are in a hurry to check in so as not to miss the flight

The case of the sightings carried out by plane passengers at Sam Ratulangi Airport, Manado against Aviation Security (AVSEC) officers is still a lot of conversation both on social media and electronic media. Many comments that blame the distribution action, because the action is arrogant, this can be a public concern, especially for those who will use airplanes. 

For this reason, the general public needs to know about the inspection procedu…

This is the Bad Effect When you tie your hair too often

Hair is a crown of beauty is a sentence that we often hear when talking among women about beauty. With diverse hair, there are curls that are straight and some are curly if treated properly and will produce beautiful hair and will make you havethe hair looks beautiful and healthy both personally and in appearance.

But there is also because not to interfere with his activity someone will with his simplicity tie his hair. It is okay to tie the hair from the origin not too tight and continuously because if tying the hair too tight and continuous will cause long hair loss the head can become bald

Reported by DailyMail, there is a story of a ballerina who from the age of 3 years participated in ballet activities and by her mother always dressed in her hair with strong ties, and over time experienced baldness at the age of 13 years. .

Below is the sitemaker from regarding the effects of overly binding head hair:

1. Causes dandruff and itchingToo often binding hair also c…